Tuesday , October 19 2021

The Jewish family was ripped off from a "body odor" flight but says anti-Semitism is the fault


A pair of Michigan and her 19-month-old daughter were retired from a flight from American Airlines after the airline told them that other passengers and crew members were sacked. 39; they had complained about their body odor.

Yossi Adler said that he and his wife, Jennie, were going to a vacation home in Miami on Wednesday night when they said there was an emergency and they needed to leave the # 39 ; plane

The couple, both 37, had eight children at home in Southfield, Michigan, so Adler said that he and his wife were worried that there had been an incident that affected one of them. Later, he said, when he and his wife abandoned the plane and the airline told them they had been eliminated because of a stench, they were "humiliated", "frustrated" and They were wondering about the real reason.

"Obviously, there was a reason," said Adler, who is a Jew, in a telephone interview Friday with The Washington Post. "But I think it was an anti-Semitic reason."

"Even if it were not like that," he added, "they were anti-Semites later."

American Airlines said in a statement that the Adlers were invited to travel after "several passengers, along with our crew members, complained about Mr. Adler's body odor. 39; Miami airport team were worried about the comfort of our other passengers due to the odor Our team members took over the family and provided accommodation and hotel meals , and they booked them on a flight to Detroit Thursday morning ".

The airline said its employees did not know about the Adler religion.

Adler said the vouchers that American Airlines gave him for food and accommodation did not work, so he had to pay for his pocket. The airline said it should not have been the case, but that it will examine the issue and will guarantee that these expenses will be reimbursed.

In any case, Adler said, if the airline was worried about his body odor, he should have given him clean clothes to dress up. Instead of that, he said he should wear the same clothes on the fly, next day, because he did not have his belongings.

The video showed that Adlers approached an entry desk on Wednesday afternoon, complaining that the airline had pushed them away from the plane and then sent their belongings in Detroit.

"I am trying to keep calm here," said Yossi Adler to an employee. "But there are two Jews on the plane, and now they're giving us stitches because of the smell. Seriously, nobody here thinks I'm scared.

"I need to board an airplane tonight. I have eight children at home."

In a moment, after Adler asked airline workers to explain the elimination, one of them asked: "Did you say for religious reasons that you are not going to bathe?"

"I bathed every day". Adler responded quickly. "I told you that he expelled me for religious reasons."

But some people who said they were also passengers on the flight said that it was not about religion.

A person who spoke with The Washington Post in anonymous conditions said that he and his girlfriend were also on the plane and that, in fact, there was a shame.

Another woman who claims to have been on the flight took Twitter to back up the claim of American Airline. "The smell was so bad that I did not think I could have achieved the 2.5-hour flight," he said.

Asked about this statement, Adler said in a text message to The Post that "the" BO "is a fairy tale and a cover of the censored discrimination that shows and the insensitive treatment that I and my family receive by AA staff. My lawyers will show that the claim of the AUT is absurd. "

Adler told The Post that he had bathed Wednesday morning.

Adler described the experience as a "horrible" test, explaining that airline employees walked across the airport that had their noses and sneaked their faces. He said that there had been a legitimate body odor problem, employees, who have a responsibility in the service industry "to go further," should have helped.

"Once in my life, someone said it does not smell," The Post said.

Over the last few years, they have produced numerous incidents in airplanes, from problems with service animals and support for problems with passengers who claimed they were removed from flights for an anniversary cake, breastfeeding and Menstrual ramps and a small child with a seating leg. Last year, an African woman was ripped off from a United Airlines flight after a passenger complained that she had a "spicy" odor. The woman demanded racial discrimination.

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