Monday , September 26 2022

The liberal candidate to Burnaby South lowers, apologizes to Singh


OTTAWA: The federal liberal candidate who was executing the overall election of Burnaby South against NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, has gone, and apologized for a comment he made about him your opponent

According to StarMetro Vancouver, Karen Wang called for support from the Chinese community by writing to the social media platform of China, WeChat, who was the only Chinese candidate in the career of the site, while Singh was "d & # 39; 39; Indian descent ".

After being burned down to invoke the race, Wang issued a statement saying he would withdraw as a liberal candidate.

"When I tried to talk about my own history and the importance of the participation of people of all different backgrounds in this important selection, I made comments online that also referred to Jagmeet Singh's cultural background. My choice of words did not It was well considered and it was not "T reflects my intention, and for that, I sincerely apologize to Mr. Singh," said Wang, owner of a nursery, in a statement.

Only the candidate for a few weeks, Wang – who ran unsuccessfully for B.C. The liberals during the 2017 provincial elections – said they decided to leave aside after talking with their followers. In the statement he said he did not want his comments to be "a distraction," of the work being done by the party and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The Liberal Party has accepted Wang's resignation, stating that his recent comments online "are not aligned with the values ​​of the Liberal Party of Canada."

"Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada have always opted for the total and equal participation of all Canadians in our democracy, regardless of their background. The Liberal Party has a clear commitment to positive politics and support for Canadian diversity , and the same is always expected from our candidates, "spokesman of the Liberal Party Braeden Caley told in a statement sent by email.

In Power Play of the CTV, the former NDP leader, Tom Mulcair, said that there was no doubt that Wang was about to go.

"Of course, she says she is the one who left, we will give her this ability to at least claim this. I think it is likely that the Liberal Party would say that she was no longer the candidate," Mulcair said.

He called his publication "incredible" and said he has discredited the liberal brand in the assembly, probably beneficial to Singh.

"I do not see how someone else could happen and I think that Mr. Singh has this one," Mulcair said.

In a tweet, the Conservative MP Michelle Rempel He called for Wang's appeal to vote for her based on his career, "simple and simple racism," and at a later press conference in Burnaby, he said the Conservative Party had previously rejected Wang as a candidate.

He fitted the race like a two-way campaign between the PND and the conservatives.

The pre-selection of this assembly is scheduled for February 25. Trudeau has been criticized both by the NDP and by conservatives to drag their feet at the time of convoking the election after the removal of the seat by a member of the PNM in September.

It was not clear clearly whether the liberals will present another candidate to replace Wang or if Singh will face the remaining candidates: the conservative hopeful and corporate lawyer Jay Shin; and Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, host of the popular and popular candidate discussion group.

According to Canada Elections, the list of candidates will be final on Wednesday, February 6.

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