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The living room of the villains of the flash museum, explained

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains great spoilers of "Memorabilia", the last episode of The flash.

Not all The flash the wicked turns it into the Hall of Villains of the Flash Museum when it is built at some point in the future of Barry Allen. But in "Memorabilia", the last episode, Barry and Iris, enter into one of the memories of Nora where they viewed the Museum in detail, including their Hall of Villains, located at STAR Labs training facilities.

While Cicrada seems to be the centerpiece of the show, there are many other Team Flash villains represented. For example, the Thinker's chair obtains a whole section for himself. Along the left wall, the screens of Dr. Light, Trickster, Zoom and Amunet Black show the costumes of the villains. Although the right wall is hardly visible, it has a Reverse-Flash section, including its dress.

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Unlike the other screens, the Cicada section has video and audio, which begins to play when the young Nora stops in front of her. "Who is the Cigarra?" ask. "Officials believe that it is Orlun Dwyer, a metahuman born in the Enlightenment. But when Cicada resurged in 2024, after the Flash disappeared, it was speculated that Cigarra is not a man, but rather a immortal monster ".

"Everything we know for sure is his body: 152 victims and increasing," he continues. The video then introduces the captain of the Central City Police, David Singh, who offers some words. "Flash did everything possible, but Cicada killed more people than Zoom or even Red Death, and the way the city saw Flash – its legacy" was never the same, "he recalled .

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Fortunately, Team Flash has enough time to change this future. We hope that, at the moment this time, the screen of the Flash Museum will show that, after all, Cigarra has been captured.

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