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The Long Goodbye – Rolling Stone

A review of this week Brooklyn new-new, "Four movements" – who said goodbye to Chelsea Peretti as a regular member of the cast – is coming as soon as I say that the party is for malnourished malaria monkeys …

In a program that has been so consistent for so long, GinaHe has always been a more external character. It was not only that she was the only civil councilor in a spectacle about police officers. It has a much larger variance than any other person in the whole. You never know exactly what kind of Jake or Holt or Rosa History that you will achieve in a given week, but you come in with a good idea that will be fun and fun in a familiar way. (Even stories where someone acts disinterestedly, like the depressed Holt of "The Honeymoon" works because we understand the default settings.) Gina, however, was much more difficult to define, both in personality and in the quality of its history. Some weeks, it could be a vaguely benign sociopath; others, an inscrutable genius but, definitely, well-intentioned. I could beat the bigger laughter of an episode a lot and then look like a drag on another. It was the proverbial box of chocolates: you never knew what Gina could get. New-new It's much less The OfficeDNA that does not Parks and Rec He did it, but Gina was a character of Michael Scott, in the sense that different episodes (and possibly different members of the writing staff) had very different opinions about who he was and what made him funny.

How appropriate, then, that the wonderful "Four Movements" was so reminiscent The OfficeThe "Goodbye Michael" – not in the plot or in the tone, but in the sense that each personage different from this unpredictable character managed to appear in the same episode. When you say good-bye to your colleagues, we have to see the different iterations of Gina Linetti, as well as the different different modes, even a show that, basically, can be handled.

After the teaser, which reminds us of Gina's love for dance and the attention of others, we get our first move, with a last game of chess between her and Holt. There are many jokes (Holt is learning to do it, Gina has renamed the pieces after Rihanna, Beyonce and Kevin), but everything is much more moderate and sincere than New-new Generally, especially when Gina is involved. Although Jake is her oldest friend, Gina tended to be closer to the captain, a by-product of the nature of her workplace and her personality. And Holt is also the most mature and reflective character of the show, which, of course, would be the one who would most defy it in the wisdom of his departure, although he respected his decision to make it. ho In addition, the choice to finish the game with his triumph in a rampant movement was as fun as more honest than if he had somehow really defeated. Gina is better than other people in many things, but chess requires more patience than ever before.

In the same way, the second movement provides a sweet but not too succinct benefit to five more seasons of Gina without making fun of mockery and trying to distance himself from Amy. Amy meets Gina's request (from the third season's Halloween episode) to convert Gina's tweets into a book, which Gina turns into a lesson to get Amy stuck by herself , instead of looking for the approval of someone who has never liked it. Is that Gina is good without getting it, although the presence of Hitchcock to the barrel of burns helps with that.

The third movement does not surprisingly get more time, as it involves the man who knows him the longest and is our main character. The quest to get Mario López to be the guest of celebrities at the farewell party of Gina, he is pleased both the love of Jake and that of the series of a robbery, with both dressing up as a damaged percentage and Jake , which says "Daddy" over and over again. Lopez goes to the party (and calls Jake "Preppy", the nickname that Slater always used in Zack Saved by the bell), but once again, Gina Zigs, when waiting for a zag, and the real prize is to end the first H8r shindig host

Things are genuinely sweet when you give Charles The boot of Boyle's mother, and a very Boyle-esque "I love you and I will miss you." But the show undermines the feeling, first with TerryThe frustration for not having her own moment, and then Gina is going away for days because the statue took more to arrive than anticipated. Conclude with a gentle and toasted whirlwind when Terry decides he got the best time, because Gina signed an International Yogurt Club of the Month. (Maybe you've heard Terry love yogurt).

Peretti has said that he does not want to be gone forever, and Gina's way of leaving makes it easier for the show to write here and there if a story asks for it. But, as we saw last season, while Peretti was on maternity leave, the program breathed a little better with a single regular release. If Gina is back, I'm sure I will laugh. But if not, this was a splendid goodbye for a character that did not always fit into this warm and crowded sitcom.

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