Sunday , October 2 2022

The mayors of Canada, Norway fight against the largest moose in the world


The battle over the world's largest statue is officially switched on.

For 31 years, Mac the Moose in Moose Jaw, Sask., Was the tallest statue in the world, with a height of about 10 meters. That is, until it was dethroned when Norway erected its own giant star statue in October 2015.

The mayor of Moose Jaw, Fraser Tolmie, said Mac's title was usurped by the Norwegian municipality of Stor-Elvdal, and his city wants to return to his courtroom rights.

"I'm doing this on behalf of Canada. Our pride is here," he told CTV News Channel on Friday during a joint interview with the mayor of the Norwegian city. "I say that you start".

The fight was heated after the officials of the city of Stor-Elvdal published a series of videos that softly mocked the attempt of Moose Jaw to overcome their giant rises.

"I am sorry to disappoint you. We will continue our work to make sure that our alce is the world's largest, for many years," said the city's deputy mayor, Linda Otnes Henriksen, in the video sent to

She told the CTV News Channel that it makes sense that Moose Jaw wants to sit back "at the head of the throne", after four years he fell into second place.

Silver silver from Norway "Storelgen", which means "Big Moose" in English, is 10.3 meters, which is more than 50 centimeters taller than Mac the Moose.

But could not Canada and Norway just get along and not criticize them a few inches? Henriksen said, of course, that I could. But the facts are made.

"Canadians [can] Think of your elk as the greatest hoop in the world and think of ours [that way too] – Although ours is a bit higher, do you know? "he laughed." We still have the title, so we're happy with that. "

Tolmie said that his fight was not simply a Canadian city. Rather, it was about "protecting the national treasures of Canada."

"The CN Tower was the tallest independent building in the world [and] We can not change that, but we can do something about Mac the Moose, "he said.

Comparison of you are on the go

The fight is even more personal for Tolmie who said that Mac the Moose was named after the great uncle of his wife and the city councilor, Les MacKenzie.

"This is the blood of the moose. We are connected," he said.

Tolmie was also surprised by the idea that Norway probably did not want to create an international incident on a moose. Because if that were true, he said, Norway would have made its own height.

"But no, that did not happen. They advanced and built a moose bigger than our purpose," he said.

You have started a GoFundMe campaign with the goal of raising $ 50,000 for Mac's reconstruction costs. Some ideas included putting a hat on Mac, rolling it over, a hockey stick or sculpting larger cornulas.

But if Moose Jaw succeeds in making their moors larger, Stor-Elvdal's deputy mayor said that it would not matter in the long run.

"The artist who did this [in Norway] He has been in contact to try to find ways to make a cigar that is even greater than twice his size, "said Henriksen." So we'll see what has to come. "

Henriksen even suggested that they could build a still taller and put it on the shoulder with their original.

But for that, Tolmie gently warned Henriksen.

"I say it's on. But I do not want to see the Norwegian government's failure on this situation because we will win this race," he said.

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