Thursday , February 25 2021

The new Japanese tattoo of 7 rings & # 39; Ariana Grande actually translates into "Charcoal grill" & # 39;

Ariana Grande made a Japanese tattoo … but the followers point out that it has been poorly translated.

The singer had Kanji characters "七 輪" tucked in his hand, thinking that he meant "seven rings" and wanted to celebrate his last single "7 Rings".

Individually, the two characters mean "set" and "ring" / "wheel". Unfortunately, together, they actually translate to "shichirin" – a small grill of charcoal.

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The error occurred when Ariana shortened the originally planned tattoo, cutting the characters "つ の 指" (and thus changing its meaning) when he fought with pain.

In the tweets that were now eliminated, he explained: "In fact, I've put aside" つ の 指 ", which should have entered. It should make f ** k n still get tight.

"It would not have lasted a symbol of Lmao more, but this place also cuts a ton and will not last, so if I can not lose it enough, I will suffer everything that comes next time."

In fact, the promotion and the musical video of "7 rings" (which have had controversy to appropriate Japanese and black culture) use the correct Japanese translation of the "七 つ の 指 輪" Japanese kanji.

Ariana Grande's music video & # 7; 7 Rings & # 39;

YouTubeAriana Grande / Republic Records / UMG

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At the beginning of this month, Ariana shared a photo of a different tattoo she had made, from the Pokémon Eevee. At the same time, he also revealed that he had obsessed with her Pokémon: Let's Go Eve! in your Nintendo switch.

"yesterday I had a day off and I played the pokemon and we went for fifteen hours. Honestly," he wrote.

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