Tuesday , October 19 2021

The new "League of Legends" feature will show the achievements of the champions


There is a novelty League of Legends the role of Riot Games has in the works that will allow the players to flex their opponents showing different achievements that they have made in certain champions.

Revealed in the video of the newspaper dev for being a product in preparation process that will arrive one season this year, League of Legends the producer of the skin, Carlos "I Am Carlos", let glimpse what will do the new visualization function. The Rioter talked mainly about the skins during the video, but towards the end, he tried the new function.

"Outside of the skins, we have been working on a new product that will present a new way to follow and show your abilities and your successes in your favorite champions while pushing your opponents to the game," Rioter said. "Follow your eyes for more details about this product during the first half of the year".

Other parts of the video used different visuals as teasers when Rioter talked about Riot Games 2019 plans, but these tips were not shared when talking about the new project.

Without other details, it's hard to know how to implement the feature, but it's interesting to see that it can apparently be used in the game to see other players. League of Legends Players who have spent some time with a champion will already be familiar with the Mastery system that allows individual champions to gain levels as players spend time on them, a system that immediately comes to mind at Think about this new product. But with this characteristic of Mastery that already shows a great deal of performance with a champion in the form of a visual level, it seems that this new system will show more specific achievements.

More information about this new feature will not be available until Riot Games shares additional details, but at least it has given a time frame that reveals that information is expected to arrive within the first half of the year. He League of Legends The video gave more specific examples than expected after 2019, although with new motives it was suggested, along with events related to existing skin lines and one that will make cats against dogs.

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