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The raptors survive the brilliant demonstration of Doncel Mavericks in a tumultuous victory

DALLAS: The hope was that after two relatively indifferent matches on their three-party trip, the Toronto Raptors would be engaged when the ball faced the Dallas Mavericks.

It is always the hope, or even the plan.

Raptors' head coach Nick Nurse was optimistic about having some follow-up, to a large extent, because the cry of "lack of urgency" sneaked below, as Toronto faced The possibility of reducing three consecutive ones for the third time this season.

"We had good film sessions and good practice [Saturday] … I think we're really ready to go and we'll go out with some pep at our pace, but you will never know until the ball goes up, "said the nurse before the game." I feel they have had more possession than # 39. ; this … I have the feeling that we have your attention anyway. He is a very serious group on the game plan, his preparation and preparation and all this type of thing. But I think the clearest point that yesterday was that they would take control of themselves that they should play better. "

What do you know

For a change, it was the Raptor who jumped to a double figure advantage and seemed determined to force the time. He helped them pick up where they left the frenetic Friday's relaunch against the Houston Rockets, where they made four shots in the 1:21 final of the game. Fred VanVleet's three to 11:12 in the second quarter were eighth of Toronto in 12 attempts, placing them in 12-for-16 in a 14:09 NBA lapse.

Oh, but could it last? The final score – 123-120 – suggests that he did it, but it was not a smooth ride. After being set on fire to begin, Toronto was cold for most of the rest of the game, the third quarter of an Ice Age, before taking the lead in the fourth.

After tying only four points in the third quarter, the clutches of Serge Ibaka, Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard clutches were 6-0 in the # 39; one minute with less than two who helped the Raptors (37-15). ) takes away the victory. They received an offensive night of Kyle Lowry (19 points and nine assists with five thirteen), the usual Kawhi Leonard (33 points and 10 rebounds in 23 shots) as part of six players in double figures.

It was enough to survive a brilliant 19-year-old Luka Doncic show, as Toronto probably ran into Dirk Nowitzki for the last time. It was all night, and I felt, the Bucks Milwaukee leader of the Eastern Conference, that the Raptors will play next, but not until Thursday at home, they also lost.

Much night

He has not announced anything and those close to him say that the last thing he wants is an extended farewell tour, but it is assumed that this will be the icon of Mavs in the last season of Nowitzki.

He entered with 2:43 left in the first quarter to a great ovation. He played 21 seasons, all with the Mavericks, the only player who played so much time with a team. He is among the leaders of all the NBA teams in the games played (fourth), the winners (sixth) and the scoreboard (first among non-American players and seventh overall) and three trials – 11th overall and the first between older men.

Coming from Germany as a 19-year-old player, Nowitzki changed the game. His trademark of a single bed was as reliable as an alternative to move forward like anything that this side of "Skyhook" by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and his ability to come out like a lethal three point shooter at seven feet It was a sign of things to come

He made one in his first shot, his scratch arc of the unmistakable ceiling. The crowd at American Airlines Arena was wild.

"It was frustrating to cover him because he is tall and the way he shoots the ball," said the Raptors Ibaka Army, who faced a great many times at Nowitzki while playing at the Conference of West for Oklahoma City Thunder. "In the years I've played against him, I do not think he's ever blocked his disappearance. The only time I blocked him was when he drove or was in the basket. His missing path was too high, always I would.

"But he was one of those guys that really influenced me to work on my jump, too," said Ibaka. "He was not shooting three, he was more powerful: running, rolling. He was one of the guys who influenced work also in my shot."

For the head coach of Raptors Nick Nurse, coaching against Nowitzki probably was the last time capsule. Before any prospect of any note had its own reel on YouTube, Nowitzki was relatively unknown when he debuted in North America on an exploration showcase known at the Nike Hoop Summit in 1998.

Nowitzki had 33 points and 14 rebounds and was the MVP of the game. The nurse happened to be there.

"It's almost impossible to be that age and that nobody knows you now and that it was like" Oh My God "and I remember being there and that everyone turned mad for this Dirk boy. It was pretty cool," said the nurse . "… There were 15 GMs who tried to sign it in some way after the game and it was like this:" Wait a minute, we must first write. "

Later on, the nurse was coaching in the current USBL when Nowitzki was to the fullest, when he led the Mavericks in their first endings in 2006, the previous year that won MVP in 2006-07.

The nurse will travel to Enid, Okla to take care of the show. "It was really, really incredible, standing up on a bed and exhausted and made all those shots and things like that," said the nurse. "When I think about him, he brings a smile to my face and some great memories of when he was younger."

It is not the only one.


Dallas Mavericks striker Dirk Nowitzki. (Michael Ainsworth / AP)

The Mavericks are blessed because, like Nowitzki is preparing to get out of the stage, they have added the sensation of Slovenian teens Doncic.

It shone from the beginning to the end, as its 35 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists would indicate. Dallas changed their first round of the first round and the selection of the fifth of the decade of 2018 to the Atlanta Hawks, who had taken the third position of Doncic. Atlanta wanted it to bring Young. It is proving to be a brilliant business for Dallas.

American Airlines Center is one of the last NBA scenarios to provide midfield seats and closer, it is immediately apparent that Doncic has a superstar potential. At sixty eight eight, he combines a huge size for a guard with surprising speed, a range of three unlimited points, a vision of the ground and the patience to take advantage of each element of his game. Everything that had on display of the corridor of the lack of line that he achieved in his first possession in the collection of times spent in time, was able to deliver from almost any angle, the most spectacular of # 39; one out of the defense against the Canadian national team Dwight Powell.

It did not seem to matter who covered it. He played the game in his terms. It's not LeBron James, though he's preparing one of the most awesome teen seasons, but he watched the party when he snatched a defensive rebound under his own edge, scrambled to the ground and sank into a fast jump of # 39. ; one minute in the fourth quarter.

"Some of the cleanest aspects I see is that it forces you to go out and keep it tall because it has such a deep range … so they set up many high-ball screens, so it forces you to leave, which means that it will go to turn the corner and get off and probably the best I can see is the speed that passes the ball, "said the nurse before the game. "You're going to go down the right side of the lane and this will be in a line with a fast ball of 102 miles at an hour for the shooter, which is great to see it, and it's not all that once-despite- it's very often. "

His hot start helped the Raptors jump to a score of 70-58 but did not last. Toronto began the third quarter of the 0 to 10 of the ground and, at that moment, only achieved two goals of two points.

A triple in the transition from Dennis Smith Jr. It was only the fifth Mavericks field in 14 attempts, but it was enough to give Dallas their first advantage, 75-74, with just over five minutes to play in the quarter. Dallas achieved an 88-85 lead in the final frame after firing only the 4-of-19 to the third.

But they survived. The most encouraging was that they did not have to depend on Leonard in the section, and they could go from 17 to 34 of three.

It's not perfect, but a victory, and now they're going home.

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