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The war zone player highlights “little things” that would massively improve the game


Activision’s Battle Royale colossus Warzone has evoked its fair share of detractors as traps and flaws continue to affect the game, but a clever assessment of the game’s features has shed light on some essential improvements. in the quality of life.

Even with its global dominance as a reference title in the battle royale genre, Activision and its army of developers have faced continuous waves of comments about Warzone’s path to please fans.

While new tactics are being deployed to combat cheaters and small improvements are emerging to improve the physical health of players, there is still more work to be done as the game enters a compelling era with Vanguard on the horizon.

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Developers are implementing a much-needed change to deal with cheaters.

The war zone player is about “little things” that need to be corrected

One player went out of his way to address the “little things” that could be fixed, to help players see the war zone in a positive light.

YouTuber and Warzone’s fan, BurterSpeed, crafted a sleek video essay that broke Warzone’s features and mechanics to suit them with some fantastic quality-of-life suggestions.

Recalling “how it all felt polished” with his first impressions of Warzone, the YouTuber offers an insight into the features that both casual and experienced gamers will have.


The Warzone movement started with a solid foundation, as it had the Modern Warfare engine to appreciate its responsive and satisfying ride.

Still, mantle is a persistent problem that could cost you your life in the middle of a battle. While some instances will appropriate an object for you, most of the time the game will simply place the operator on top.

Improving the mantle to get a more consistent reading of the objects players are looking to climb, this could save valuable time when the stakes are extremely high. The same frustrations can also be applied to zip lines, which keep players in a state of rigid, rigid motion before finally causing unfair death at the peak of the thread.

User interface / HUD

Do you constantly ask your teammates for ammunition or plates? Of course, it’s the bread and butter of any desolate circle as the battle gets tougher.

With a simple UI solution, these items could be indicated to your teammates with a visual component to indicate how many specific plates or types of ammunition are in reserve. The same could be applied to field upgrades and deadly streaks, to prevent players from recovering / understanding unnecessary battle aids.

War zone user interface
YouTube: BurterSpeed

User-friendly interface solutions could improve communication tenfold.

Superpowered mechanics

It’s no secret that tactics like Stun Grenades are the absolute disaster of Warzone’s combat experience. According to BurterSpeed, it can take just over “five seconds” to make a full 180-degree turn after deploying a stun around.

Representing a plausible almost impossible answer, a superpowered mechanic like this is one of the most common forms of the gulag. Combine it with incredibly powerful melee, like the Kali Sticks, it’s easy to see why players get frustrated.

YouTube: BurterSpeed

The MG82 is ridiculously powerful when mounted.

Heartbeat Monitor dependence is also another issue to consider, with players often “sending” them to track their opponents. This could be “easily fixed,” with a cooling mechanic limiting excessive use of the item.

The assembly has allowed weapons like the MG82 to get a 50% reduction in its recoil pattern. While this may be felt from a realism standpoint, the idea that players can be wiped out in seconds with weapons as erased as the MG82 remains an annoying element in any shooting.

The full BurterSpeed ​​video has a lot of amazing ideas to explore.

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