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The wild ride of the actions in 2018 was set to achieve a good end


The futures point to a higher open for the last day of 2018. The Dow futures increased by 250 points. S & P 500 futures increased 0.9% and Nasdaq futures rose 1.1%.
The market was moved further after President Donald Trump expressed optimism on Saturday that the United States could reach a commercial agreement with China. He tweeted An agreement is "to move forward very well", calling "very complete" negotiations.

But, with the exception of a miracle, this will be the second year low for US markets since the financial disappearance of 2008. The S & P 500 is reduced by 7%, the Dow drops by 6.7% and the Nasdaq has fallen by 4.6% this year.

The S & P 500 and Dow fell slightly in 2015, but the Nasdaq was higher this year.

The 2018 was marked by wild volatility throughout the year, especially in February and December.

In only the last 10 business days, the Dow fell more than 350 points six times, including a decrease of 653 points on December 24, the worst hit of Christmas Night in the record. But when investors returned to the market on December 26, the Dow increased 1,086 points, the highest gain.

The market is in a historical period of volatility. The S & P 500 increased or dropped more than 1% nine times in December, compared to eight times in 2017. It moved to 64 times this year.

Volatility has been driven by signs of a global economic slowdown, concerns about monetary policy, political dysfunction, fears of inflation, and concerns about the rise in regulation of the technology sector.

The fear of a global trade war, caused by the threats and actions of the Trump administration against commercial partners, is still a source of concern for the markets.
Although the US economy has been strong, some fear that the Federal Reserve has increased rates too quickly and could prevent economic growth. Some top-level US technological inventions, such as Facebook (FB), Apple (AAPL) and Google Alphabet Parent (GOOGL), are already downloaded for the year that goes to the Monday market .
The impact of Brexit in the United Kingdom and Europe also worried investors, like the slowdown in the Chinese economy.

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