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This interview by Elon Musk in 1999 explains his success

  • Elon Musk saw that he could make money on the Internet in 1995, when most people did not.
  • He explains that he is not interested in both money and initial businesses.
  • Musk likes to look for new ideas as a "new game".

How did Elon Musk, the billionaire businessman behind so changing technology companies such as SpaceX, Tesla Motors, The Boring Company and Neuralink? An 1999 interview, taken when he became a billionaire recently, offers a fascinating insight into his thinking and motivation.

The interview begins with Musk waiting to get the new McLaren F1 of thousands of dollars he had just bought, as his promise Justine Wilson looks forward to his side.

Musk explains that the path to its success lies in how he perceived in 1995 that there is money to get online, although "most people thought the Internet was going to be a fad." But the South African businessman saw the future differently, selling his first computer program at age 12.

While younger, 1999 Musk has less hair, since it shares that, even having a business prediction, its success did not happen at night. Only three years ago he slept on the floor and bathed at the YMCA. Reflecting on the trajectory of his life, now that he has significantly more "creature comforts," he refers to the loyal as "moments of my life."

In fact, these "moments" included selling their Zip2 online advertising company a year earlier for $ 400 million. "This is just a great name of Ben Franklins," he says.

"I can buy one of the islands in the Bahamas and become my personal feudal. I'm much more interested in trying to build and create a new company," says Musk.

When Musk and his neighbor celebrate the arrival of McClaren, Wilson calls "the perfect car for Silicon Valley," explains his next effort, nothing less than the transformation of the banking sector. While admitting that it does not fit with the "traditional image of a banker," he says he has little trouble collecting $ 50 million. This refers to a new online banking and investment fund that started calling, which would later become PayPal.

He is not shy about his vision for, believing he could become a "bonanza of one billion dollars." Because? Because he pursues "the largest sector in the world economy". And he believes in this idea, which put most of his money on him. He calls it "the new game".

Musk also states that a "sense of satisfaction of having created the company I have sold" is another factor that drives it. And the incredible "car is sure to be fun".

Regarding other future goals, 1999, Elon Musk hoped to be on the cover of Rolling Stone, an objective that he also achieved.

See the full interview here:

Young Elon Musk presented in the documentary on millionaires (1999)

Young Elon Musk presented in the documentary on millionaires (1999)

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