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Valmart ramps up self-checkout, packs down the scan and goes shopping


In a race to sigh customers with no shopping experience, Valmart Canada adds more self-help kiosks and fixes a scanning and moving system where customers scans their items while they are selling.

It seems that "scanning and leaving" in the current form was not "gone" for many customers.

Physical retailers are struggling to make shopping more enjoyable, and they have also tried to keep costs at a time when most of anything can be purchased online. But it's a trial game and a mistake in which customers do not always buy.

"It's really a challenging time for retailers," said Brinn Vinegard, a marketing and retail expert at Toronto. "They are under pressure to find out what consumers want and to give up profitability on the domestic market"

Scan and go repair

Valmart Canada published headlines last year when it announced that scanning and going to 20 locations.

The system requires customers to pick up a portable scanner in the store and use it to scan the barcode on their items before placing them in the shopping basket. The scanner collects the invoice and the clients pay in cash or use the self-assessment.

A year later, Valmart quietly lowered the system to only three stores. In the United States, the trader left it completely.

By scanning and going, customers scan their items while they buy and pay for them using a mobile device located in the store. (Valmart Canada)

Valmart Canada would not explain why the concept did not capture, except that it says it is currently testing improvements in technology, including the new scanner interface and additional features.

"We often test and try new things in our business," said Valmart Canada spokeswoman Anika Malik in an e-mail. "The way customers shoppers are changing and we are constantly innovating to meet their needs."

Malik said the same rule applies to self-service kiosks. She would not provide numbers, but she said that Valmart continues to add them to stores to give customers more choice and comfort.

However, several customers have complained to CBC Nevs that their local Valmart sometimes does not offer a cash option, self confidence, early in the morning or late at night.

"I can only order on Amazon, if that's what they want," said Codi Nolan. He went to Valmart in Brockville, Ont. last week at 10 o'clock and said, much to his disappointment, no cashier was open.

"I used to be an older school. I really want to talk to the cashier while I make my payments."

Valmart Canada says some cash registers are redistributed to other positions, such as support for self-service. (CBC)

Last week, Ashlin Skocdopole said she was also stuck with using self-assessment for a full-time cart, because at Valamar's Valtard at 8:30 am the cash box was not opened at Silvan Lake.

"It was frustrating. The machine went on and told me I needed help." In the meantime, she tried to look after her two-year-old child.

"It's not nice," he said Skokdopole.

Spokesman Valmart Malik said that the company's goal is to have a cashier option available at any time and that if none of them is open, customers can ask him.

She also said that many buyers value a sense of self-confidence and that technology has resulted in a loss of business. Instead, she said that some of the employees were redistributed to other positions, such as self-help support.

What's next?

There is no doubt that retail is aimed at a more automated format that will change the types of engagements involved and, finally, the way we buy it.

But there will be a cascade on that road. Retailer Steve Tissenbaum believes that self-service kiosks, which many retailers are now offering, are one of those shots.

"It's probably more stopping between more intellectual and more capable technology," said Tissenbaum, a professor at the Ted Rogers Management School in Riers University.

Already, retailers are testing other formats to see what stands.

For those who continue to cope with the human touch, Valmart and Target in the United States recently launched a scanning and moving system where employees are doing their job.

Workers equipped with mobile devices scans and buys customer items in busy parts of the store. Users can use debit or credit for on-site payment.

Valmart USA expands the on-the-spot verification system where employees continue to work. (Valmart)

In the meantime, Amazon expands its concept – less Amazon Go. In this store, Clients do not even need to scan their objects.

Instead, they just take what they want and leave, thanks to the technology that reveals when products are removed from the store shelves.

Customers are charged through their Amazon account.

Since the beginning of the year, an online retail giant has opened six Amazon Go stores in the United States and will allegedly consider opening an additional 3,000 in the next few years.

Valmart will soon open a new Sams Club store in Texas, where customers scans and pay for shopping through their smartphone. (Valmart United States)

Valmart also plans to launch a free store this month at one of its Sam Clubs in Texas. The big flank will only use the "scan and go" technology for membership fees, but members will download the app for scanning as well as for paying items through their smartphone.

Valmart said he would have employees called "host members" who would offer help at the store.

"As shopping preferences develop, we will give members and buyers the option to shop in new ways," said Valmart Carrie McKnight, a spokeswoman for the company's e-mail.

As far as customers are concerned, they can be sure that if they do not buy in a new concept of purchase, they will probably quickly follow another, different format.

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