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Vanstone: The return to the quota was raising the Roughriders season


Saskatchewan Roughriders tried to play the Bridge game without a full deck – or a full deck, for that reason.

As a consequence, the victory was not in the cards.

With Brandon Bridge, starting on Thursday, instead of brazen Zaha Collaros, the Roughriders offense had no chance of enjoying sustained success in the semifinals of CFL, which won 23-18 places from Vinipeg's Blue Bombers on Sunday at the Mosaic Stadium.

In many ways, the effort of Roughriders was wonderful. They hung there against a powerful Vinnipeg team, despite the lack of a bona fide of the initial pivots, and they did interesting things until the seconds were canceled.

But in a professional football there is no consolation prize, a wonderful game that is cruel and hostile.

In the end, Roughriders and their fans could only ask themselves what could be.

Namely, what if Colaros could start?

Although the thirty-year-old signalist was starkly aggressive during the season in which his intercepted numbers (13) were more numerous than the exact ones (9), he worked on a misdemeanor – as he was – a competent way.

He was an experienced hand that led Saskatchewan to victory in 10 out of 14 starts.

One of these victories was at the expense of Calgary Stampeder, who fell 29-24 at the McMahon Stadium in the Roughriders' pre-match game.

Collaros threw 352 yards, while Saskatchewan accumulated 30 first drops and delivered an accent message – that Roughriders were actually a bona-fide Grey Cup candidate.

At 12-6, Roughriders secured the right to take home a player for the first time since 2013. It was a progressive step in the third year of Chris Jones's regime.

Calgary (13-5) were first placed, but they looked often vulnerable to the risk of injury. Many disadvantages were exposed to Roughriders during their August 20 visit to Calgary.

But now the Blue Bombers are scheduled for the Calgary and the finals of the Division, and the Roughriders season is over, but, given the quota situation, it is expected.

At the very least, Roughriders should have avoided a rush of traffic on Sunday. Mostly they did. With the bridge on the controls, Saskatchewan gave up the football only once – but that one wrong action was a serious blow.

On the second and fourth places in the line of 39 meters of Blue Bombers, the mechanical deficient bridge developed a marker that intercepted Kevin Fogg 23 meters in a row.

Fogg returned 51 yards. Four later play, Bombers scored 20 meters from Matt Nichols to Drev Volitarski.

Bridge picked up when Roughriders, who were working for Brother Lauther, were in the field. Instead, Bomber ended with the first position in the field and eventually hit the payier three minutes before the half-time.

It was an unbearable 10-point move, from which Roughriders, with their limited arsenal, could not recover.

Saskatchewan had some chance of foul, just to complain more often.

The bridge missed the open Naaman Roosevelt twice in the final zone. Collaros would have made at least one of those throws, right?

Frankly, Joe (747) Adams could have completed one of those passes. (Tino Sunseri, anybody?)

Late in the third quarter, the Bridge was on the controls for an impressive march. With the help of Jones's successful challenge, Bridge moved 69 yards into nine performances. His 10-double double tournament gave Roughriders the first and 10 situation on a line from 13 yards. How the novel.

So, of course, the offensive coordinator of Roughriders Stephen McAdoo was wrong when he actually made it, replacing the Bridge with David Watford without a justifiable reason.

In the first place Marcus Thigpen was knocked down by a loss of two. Splat!

Roughriders were then flagged for an unlawful procedure. Gong!

Facing the situation of the other and 17, Bridge treated a 30609 (2,741 smaller capacity) crash gallery in one of the patented games in Saskatchewan – one yard passes the second and long.

Lauther's fourth goal in the field compared the Winnipeg victory to 13-12, but there was the potential to take the lead.

The start of scratching continued at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Oh, yes, it is.

In the second and third place from the line of 49 yards, Roughriders avoided running or controlling the ball.

The bridge, which was the longest end of that day, was 17 meters, opened another cough, a whistle-blower of a non-spiral propeller, which may have landed in the same postcode as Roosevelt, followed by a punt.

There were, of course, other shortcomings. Jones rightly noticed that Roughriders "did not do well", as shown by 153 yards of yards that Vinipegov Andrew Harris entered on Sunday.

Passengers of Roughriders, Thigpen and Cameron Marshall received a combined 29 yards on 12 noses – additional evidence of Bombers' dominance on the line of the Shrimps.

Winnipeg could concentrate on stopping the race with virtual impunity, knowing well that the Bridge (especially in cooperation with McAdoo) was unable to pass the day through the air.

The bridge ended at only 14 yards (100) than it reached the ground.

Due to all the winnings, Roughriders won 12 games this season, visiting the playoffs and setting up a huge defense – Green and White could not overcome the lack of a defensive hit in the game that has to be played.

In the CFL, a team that is truly a champion caliber should be able to win when the opposition has 23 points.

However, an essential ingredient would be an offense that is moderately successful.

As a passage through the bridge, Roughriders were not close to reaching this goal. And next year …

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