Monday , October 18 2021

War Raiders wins NXT Tag Team Championships


Hanson and Rowe, better known as The War Raiders, are the new champions of the Tag Team Team of NXT after defeating The Undisputed Era in NXT TakeOver: Phoenix. In a stellar game that featured many high points and maintained momentum, War Machine was declared victorious after Rowe covered Kyle O & # 39; Reilly. The game showed brutal knees in the face and four men's fights in abundance.

Hanson fought with maximum agility and the power of the jaw, like his companion Rowe. The meeting featured Hanson on the extreme receiver of an impressive Roderic Strong top suplex string.

It was indisputable that he reached his high school halt; However, Hanson came out. The crowd was hot throughout the song, "This is incredible" and "Fight forever," but things were intensified after this time. After Rowe came to a combination of PowerLomb / Powerbomb in O & # 39; Reilly, Hanson gave him a hand in hand for the victory that ended with the reign of NXT Tag Team Champions of the # was not discussed in 219 days.

The match was the "Year's Party" party & # 39; worthy; However, the entry of The War Raider was worth the price of the only entry:

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