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Weight loss is 95% diet and only 5% exercise – doctor


As a weight management physician, one of the most frequently asked questions I have asked is: "Why am I the only one in my family that is fat when we all eat the same things?"

Some people are more likely to gain weight than other people. Some are more responsible for the exercise than for others. Genetics loads the weapon, but the diet removes the trigger.

This only removes the theory of calorie for the window. If a calorie is a calorie, why are some people free of weight gain, if they consume the same exact food? When people suffer 500 calorie diets, why do some lose more weight than others?

If a calorie is indeed a calorie, everybody has to lose exactly the same amount of weight. This never happens. Not even in a controlled environment.

I was caring for an obese client who ate, on average, 1,000 calories a day and had done so for many years. It is not exactly what it would consider glutamine. I will not grow it up? Would you say that you exercise more? No, no

Exercise for weight loss is another false idea propagated shamefully. Almost all Big Food companies tell us that their products, such as soft drinks, chocolate bars or appetizing cereals, can be enjoyed "as part of a healthy lifestyle."

Some slimming clubs present prizes for meals that almost always consist of junk food processed, to "enjoy" after a period of exercise. This is crazy.

If you get the wrong information, how are you waiting for the correct choices?

To create energy, add the accumulated fat or add the available or stored glucose. If the point is burning fat (to lose weight), this will never happen if you continue to consume glucose in the form of fruits or snacks.

One has the feeling that guilt is being deliberately deviated from the evil that comes and makes us sick and fat, towards us. They tell us that it is our responsibility to exercise to maintain weight, regardless of the waste we put into our bodies.


I do not have to remember that Big Food and many weight loss franchises are bound to their shareholders, not for you. If you get the wrong information, how are you waiting for the correct choices?

Weight loss is a 95% diet, an exercise of five percent. In short, a bad diet can not be overcome. Exercise is great for overall health, but really inefficient to lose weight. Most people (and many calorimeters in exercise machines) overestimated a very heavy calorie during the exercise. Just as true for portable fitness technology, as shown in this study.

Say you burn 200 calories "walking rapidly for an hour on a treadmill. If you then consume a chocolate bar (230 calories) or a refreshing sports drink after your workout, you will have undone all your efforts, in a minute or two you need to eat This snack or drink this drink. Adaptation is the reason why exercise is relatively ineffective for weight loss.

Your exquisite body will also "fight" after exercise, especially after a long and intense exercise. Often, your body will compensate for reducing your desire to move a lot, after your workout. Many of us have noticed how little we want to transfer voluntarily after exercising.

It will also make you hungry. Resist the need to eat it will be almost impossible. Believe me, biochemistry will always triumph "will power". Next, there are injuries that will leave you inactive for weeks. Those who exercise excessively could also temporarily reduce their immune system. Have you ever experienced flu symptoms after a long-term? Then you know what I'm talking about.

Sedentary behavior is not, of course, guilty of the obesity epidemic. Another thing is getting fat.

Our weight is carefully regulated by hormones. Biochemistry and hormones boost all of our behavior, including our eating behavior. Our weight has nothing to do with how much we eat or exercise. The heat balance does not control the weight. Hormones do it.

Insulin (the fat storage hormone) is the main hormone that drives weight gain. The other is Cortisol, to a lesser extent. Weight gain is mainly due to high insulin, excessive cortisol, insulin resistance or a combination of the three. Identifying the right trigger for a particular individual is the key to weight loss.

If you are worried about your weight and want to do something about it, look for a weight management expert who understands that the will power is overrated. Who knows that this weight has nothing to do with self control. One that will treat you with the same empathy that all people deserve. It is totally possible to manipulate their hormones naturally to change the weight.

Dr. Nyambura, a physician at the National Health Service (NHS), is a London-based weight loss expert and medical director at Insulean, a private clinic for weight loss and metabolism.

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