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WestJet increases most of the prices to make hairy friends on flights


If you own a pet that likes to bring your cat or dog when you are traveling, you will soon be facing higher fares when you fly with WestJet.

The airline told Global News on Thursday that as of December 3, rates for some pet trips will increase, in some cases, as much as twice as much.

For pets that are taken in the cabin of the passenger and are under the seat, there is no change if you want to Canada or between Canada and the USA: the rate will remain between $ 50 and $ 59.

To travel between Canada and all other destinations, however, the cost of transporting your pet to the cabin will double between $ 100 and $ 118.

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For larger pets located in airplane luggage, homeowners can expect a price hike, no matter where WestJet brings them.

To travel to Canada or between Canada and the US, the current rate of $ 75 to $ 88 goes up to $ 100 to $ 118.

For those who want to wear their furry colleagues from Canada to other destinations, the price is more than doubling, between $ 75 and $ 88 to $ 200 and $ 236.

WestJet said in an email statement that price hikes would put the airline in line with industry standards and "offset WestJet's higher costs in today's competitive and competitive markets."

He also said that rates are still lower than Canadian competitors for animals transported to the baggage hold.

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The airline also said it will continue to offer support to non-profit companies that work to bring rescued animals to Canada.

"Although we understand the disappointment of some of our clients that rescue animals will be included in these changes, we continue to support charities and non-profit organizations in the communities we serve through our program Community Giving Community, where WestJetters reviews and supports donations. Requests based on the needs and local priorities of your community, "WestJet said.

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