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What is KonMari's checklist?


Forget about spring cleaning: January is the perfect time to decline, clean and organize your space. Or, at least, Netflix think so. The transmission service has recently been associated with the world-renowned world-class expert, Marie Kondo, to bring its KonMari method to subscribers in a new series entitled, Liaising with Marie Kondo.

Launched on the platform on January 1, just in time for Year's Day resolutions, the show has sparked a strong shock in the first two weeks of the transmission. But it is not the first time that the experience of Marie Kondo has caused a movement.

Marie Kondo Marie Kondo's KonMari method has changed the lives of so many. | Marie Kondo via Instagram

From the moment when his best-selling book of the New York Times, The magic that changes the life of the order: the Japanese art of decline and organization, arrived at bookstores in America in 2014, Marie Kondo experienced a wave of international success. Since then, fanatics and lovers have completely transformed their lives by ordering their spaces with the method of Marie Kondo.

What is the KonMari method?

Marie Kondo's special style of declaratory and organization, called the KonMari Method, offers a minimalist approach to the things we build.

The main objective of the KonMari Method is not exactly the organization of our things, although it is a plus added: it's about creating a space full of things that cause joy, 39, add to the stress of our daily lives. (If the idea of ​​opening the closet, the garage or the pantry door is already used, you will know what we are talking about).

In a nutshell, the KonMari method is really a checklist with six basic rules:

Make the commitment: Commit to declaring and organizing your space is half the battle. Once you commit to ordering your home, you can apply the method and turn on more joy in your life.

Keep in mind how to change your life: Before starting the KonMari checklist, ask "why you want to sort and what will be your life when you have finished the process." The fact of dreaming of the result helps to motivate you and keeps you abreast with putting it in the future.

Undo the first of the elements: One of the key aspects of the KonMari method is to get rid of the unwanted items first, in this way, everything you have left is what you need to organize. Before discarding, I appreciate every element to fulfill its purpose.

Think of the category, not the location: Another great part of the KonMari method is to approach one thing at a time and organize your efforts by category, not by location. For example, it is not about clearing the main cabinet, it is about cleaning all household items. Or, by organizing all the books under your roof, not just kitchen books in your kitchen.

Follow the order of the list: The KonMari cleaning checklist is configured in a specific order and should not be diverted. Start at the top and lower the path down.

Find joy: It is not about getting rid of things that you no longer want, but to keep things that cause joy. So, always think of a positive point of view and just ask yourself if something brings you happiness versus taking a case for what makes you stand out.

What is the verification list of KonMari?

With the rules covered, all that remains to be done is to start organizing. As with the guidelines, there is the KonMari checklist to simplify the cleaning and help to order chaos. After all, the hardest part to start is to know where to start! Here is the exact order that Marie Kondo wants you to follow when ordering.

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Papers
  • Komono (various articles)
  • Sentimental elements

Starting with clothes, he asks you to remove all the clothing from the play area and make a stack. Then, go through each item and ask yourself if there is a value to keep it (it makes you happy?). If you decide to discard it, appreciate the item to fulfill its purpose and move on. Do the same with books and documents.

Komono represents all the various elements in your home. This means cooking items, the dreaded garage, beauty products, basically anything that does not fit within the first three categories. Although the larger section may seem disappointing at first, you will have an experience ordering yourself at this point, therefore, it should be much softer than you think.

The sentimental elements are the last piece of KonMari. Although you're unzipping the rest of your space, you may have picked up some items that fit into this category. Depending on your purpose, use your sentimental articles. For example, if you find an old photograph of your brothers and you as children while browsing the garage, add it to a frame and visualize it in your home to cause more joy.

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