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What is Princess Charlotte's Title?


Royal titles do not just make you a member of the royal family, they set you apart from your parents and represent your place in the monarchy. That said, thanks to the order of succession, most royal titles are heavily dictated by your family lineage, including who your parents are. Since Princess Charlotte's father (Prince William) is a future king, the young royal was born with a prominent title – and could earn a more noble ranking in the future. What is Princess Charlotte's title? Find out, plus how it will change once Prince William ascends the throne, ahead.

Princess Charlotte Princess Charlotte was born with a royal title. | Jane Barlow – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Princess Charlotte's title

As the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte has some high honors in her name. Princess Charlotte's title is Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge to reflect that of her parents' royal official status.

That said, once her grandmother (Prince Charles) becomes king, Princess Charlotte's royal title could change. If Prince Charles makes Prince William the new Prince of Wales, Princess Charlotte could become Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Wales – similar to Prince William and Prince Harry's titles before becoming dukes.

Princess Charlotte's last name

Since Princess Charlotte has her Royal Highness title, she does not need a last name and, therefore, technically, does not have one. That said, she could use the royal family's last name, Mountbatten-Windsor if she ever needed one, such as in school. Mountbatten-Windsor is the combined house names of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip and represents all descendants of the two royals.

In addition to Mountbatten-Windsor, Princess Charlotte could also use her royal title as her last name. That means she could go by Charlotte Cambridge or, once her father is the heir and receives a title change, Charlotte Wales.

Princess Charlotte waving on her way to see Prince Louis Princess Charlotte's title could change a few times in her life Kensington Royal via Instagram

Princess Charlotte's full name

The royal family might not always use a last name, but they sure love to pack on the middle names. Some royal family members have between two and three (sometimes even more than that) middle names – all of which are typically named after prominent members of the family. What is Princess Charlotte's full name? The little royal has quite the lineup, as her legal name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Many believe that Charlotte is named after Prince Charles as Charlotte is the female version. However, her Aunt Pippa's (Kate Middleton's sister) middle name is also Charlotte. Elizabeth is, for obvious reasons, a tribute to her great-grandmother, the queen. And, Diana is, of course, in honor of the late Princess of Wales.

How Princess Charlotte's title will change throughout her life

Princess Charlotte's title will not remain Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge forever. In fact, it will most likely change a few times throughout his life. Here are a few ways Princess Charlotte's title will change.

Princess Charlotte Princess Charlotte could one day become Princess Royal. | Kensington Royal via Instagram

Will Princess Charlotte be Princess Royal?

Many royal family fans want to know: Will Princess Charlotte be Princess Royal? And, there's a fairly good chance she will. Princess Royal is reserved for the eldest daughter of the monarch, which means that once Prince William becomes king, Princess Charlotte will be eligible to receive such status.

That said, Princess Anne currently holds the title and will most likely keep it for the rest of her life. So, if Princess Anne is still around during Prince William's reign, he can not declare his daughter Princess Royal until her Aunt Anne passes away.

Will Princess Charlotte be a duchess?

Like many royal women, Princess Charlotte could become a duchess. However, as it stands, she must marry a duke in order to become a duchess. Should Charlotte find a nice commoner (like her father did) to marry, he probably will not receive a dukedom – unless he is very active in the family business – which means Princess Charlotte will not become a duchess.

That said, a lot of changes could happen between then and now. And, as the royal family steps into a more gender equal reign, Prince William could make away with tradition and grant his daughter a dukedom of his own, making her a duchess.

Will Princess Charlotte become queen?

As the fourth in line to the throne, Prince Charlotte has the chance to become a queen. However, his brother, Prince George would have to either abdicate or die in order for that to happen. Also, should have children before or after ascending the throne, they would become monarch, not Charlotte.

If Prince George's heir is too young to ascend the throne (meaning, under the age of 18), Princess Charlotte would step in as regent. That means, she would act on behalf of the king or queen – aka her nephew or niece – until they are of age.

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