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Why Toronto-Dominion Bank's (TSX: TD) Fire-Sale price will not last long


While other Canadian banking actions have begun to rebound from an approximate final until 2018, Toronto-Dominion Bank (TSX: TD) (NYSE: TD) has only managed to publish a small prey that is shy at 5%. Although the weak concentration of reluctance with colleagues was not surprising to some, given that the stock of TD Bank had not fallen from the point of view until the last moment, I find it unfair that TD Bank's stock has remained in the dog's house despite its strong quarter, most Canadian banks embarrass.

Given that, I believe that the values ​​of TD Bank will be charged more than their peers in the coming quarters, as investors return to focus on the performance of the companies themselves and not on the macro context.

Some bulls, like Fool's collaborator, Ambrose O & # 39; Callaghan, do not rule out the possibility that TD Bank's stock may tighten its record value of almost $ 80.

"Investors may want to moderate their expectations in 2019, as economic winds are lagging behind markets. Once back at the historic highs it is a high order, but TD Bank is in a good moment to lead a rejection in Canadian finances this year, "said O & # 39; Callaghan in an earlier piece of January 13.

Starting with the current levels, the TD Bank stock should concentrate 16.2% for the year, which represents a total return of about 20%. This is a high order, but it is definitely not out of the question, especially when it is considered that the stock of TD Bank is not only the Big Six's most outstanding player with his # Income from lower growth and lower volatility, it is also one of the best performers last year. Add catalysts based on technology in the equation, and there is no doubt that 2019 could be a day a year received by TD Bank.

Most street people already know the TD Bank's most conservative loan book and its high quality ROE business, although lower, but what many discount analysts are the potential of the bank to technological innovation in the field of FinTech.

You already see that TD Bank has opened its newsletter on technology initiatives, many of which have not yet enjoyed a return on investment. However, this will change, as TD displays significant improvements on your WebBroker platform, which will be full of innovative new features that will try to improve the experience of your customers.

It's not just an enhanced platform, TD recently launched an AI connection beater named Clari. Clearly, Clari is not perfect, as it is a new customer-oriented technology, but over the years, after many updates, do not be surprised if you find Clari as the cause of the decline of the number of ATMs in physical offices. Who knows? Clari may be the only responsible person who TD clients can interact in ten years from now.

Deceptive boats on the TD Bank stock

TD Bank does not deserve to be abused as bad as it has been. Probably, the bank has made the most progress in 2018, so do not think for a second that the stock chart gives an idea of ​​what has happened.

Over the next few months, I not only believe that the price of $ 80 of O & # 39; Callaghan will reach the end of the year, it will probably break in summer if the performance curve does not end up investing in us. In any case, TD Bank is a $ 68 conviction purchase and changes.

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The collaborator of madness, Joey Frenette, has actions of TORONTO-DOMINION BANK.

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