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You have announced Wimbledon improvements for event 2019 and beyond


In 2019 the opening of the Court No. 1 will also be renewed, which will include a new fixed and retractable roof. The court will have a greater capacity for 12,345 spectators.

The celebration of court No. 1 in favor of the Wimbledon Foundation will take place on Sunday May 19 with a program that includes music and three tennis matches with Martina Navratilova, John McEnroe, Lleyton Hewitt and Goran Ivanisevic. The products of the celebration of the Court No. 1 will be donated to the new fund of the Wimbledon Foundation for homeless people, "A roof for all."

There will be a standard of heat applied to all Wimbledon events this year, which has been reviewed due to the completion of the second roof. The matches & # 39; To Be Arrangement & # 39; Will be completed, if possible, under the roof and will be played under the roof that will be suspended due to 23:00. The curfew will be restarted the next day without the ceiling, unless the inclemencies of time dictate something else.

Among other modifications announced by AELTC, there are sustainability improvements, including recycled water bottles provided by Evian, and the removal of plastic bags from the restriction operation of racket for players, which means that at Wimbledon this year 4,500 plastic bags will be used.

In addition, a lawn tennis youth strategy was announced in collaboration with the LTA, which was added to the new youth championships during the next four years to motivate young players to recognize the importance of grass tennis and take advantage of the The opportunity to compete in her from an early age.

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