Sunday , February 28 2021

10 basic rules for eating outdoors in a healthy way

Whether it's for work or just for pleasure, it's obvious that There are more and more people who decide to have lunch or dinner outside the house. A situation that for many, especially for those who pay special attention to their diet due to health issues, is a problem since The control over feeding is lost because it is not possible to know the origin of the ingredients or control the culinary technique used in its preparation.

But it is a tendency that has irretrievably come to stay. "It can lead to multiplying the amount of food we ingest, as well as the consumption of animal fats, saturates and fat desserts, although eating outdoors should not be synonymous with eating poorly", Says Dr. José Luis Palma, vice president of the Spanish Federation of Heart (FEC).

10 basic rules for eating healthy outside the home

For this reason, in order to guide those who habitually eat away from home, the FEC has shared a decalogue which offers some keys to enjoying a healthy diet:

1. Take advantage of new technologies to choose restaurants with menus with healthy offers. Check the menu before online, if possible, and opt for those that offer fish, white meat before red, vegetables and dessert fruit. Cook in the oven or on the plate always before frying or filling.

2. Eat something healthy in the middle of the morning to avoid getting to the restaurant with excessive appetite (fruit ideally).

3. Water for drinking is always the best option.

4. Choose before other diners to avoid temptation if they ask for something unhealthy.

5. Convince someone to share incoming (healthy, of course).

6. Sometimes less is more. Choose simple dishes that do not contain too many different foods.

7. Ask if the dishes have a little accompaniment, and if so, make sure it is healthy.

8. Do not salt or sauces in the dishes.

9. It is not essential to finish the dish if one does not have any appetite. You can ask them to prepare it for you and so do not waste any food.

10. Dessert is best to avoid them or at least share them. Fruit will always be one of the healthiest options.

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