Sunday , October 17 2021

18 years in prison for those responsible for the homicide of former deputy

At eighteen years in prison, the former carabinieri Rene Villaroel – aliases "Joan Metralla" – and Carlos Tapia for the homicide described as the former deputy and militant of the Socialist Party, Luis Espinoza and the leader Abraham Oliva happened on December 2, 1973.

Espinoza died at age 33 next to the peasant leader in the Frutillar sector in the hands of Carrabineros and the Armed Forces.

Deputy Fidel Espinoza (PS), son of the militant deceased in La Tercera, that the decision of the Court of Temuco means a lot for them. "As a family we assume with absolute tranquility, but with the satisfaction of having fought alongside our mother and brothers for long years to have justice for my father's horrible crime."

"After 45 years we have the hope of continuing to believe in justice. As relatives of victims of HHD we want to tell the world that you never have to lower your arms, and we will continue to support other cases of human rights violations ", added.

Finally, the deputy made a warning call for both justice and police to avoid the escape of Rene Villarroel, after being sentenced.

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