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38 victims are lying in high altitudes after voracious fire


In the dependencies of the Catholic Church, Risen Christ, of the Sant Pere sector, in Pont Alt, there is the thickness of the 38 victims who left a voracious fire registered during the day of yesterday in the vicinity of the camp Els Sorrals and that destroyed 9 homes in its entirety.

The emergence, which originated from a forest fire, completely destroyed nine lightweight buildings, while two others were left with partial damages caused by the action of the flames and the fire. # Water that was used to choke the fire.

Also, an adult was with partial burns in his body, so he was referred to the hospital Sótero del Riu, where he is interned.

Of the total of the victims, 10 are children, who already received help from the municipality, in the same way that the rest of the people who lost everything in this fire that was out of control of the product of the strong wind prevailing in the area.

Both the government of the Serralada province and the local municipality coordinated to see how to provide housing solutions to families who were left with nothing, where some of them were welcomed at the home of neighbors and relatives.

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