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5 Symptoms that go unnoticed in a person with diabetes


There are symptoms that go unnoticed in a person with diabetes, Which is an irreversible chronic disease in which metabolism produces an excess of glucose in the blood and urine due to a decrease in the secretion of the insulin hormone or a deficiency of the his action

Detecting diabetes on time can help to eat treatments to reduce the symptoms and give the patient an excellent quality of life. These are some of them Symptoms of diabetes that go unnoticed.

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Be excessive and urinating

The excess glucose in the blood causes the kidneys to work twice to eliminate it through the urine, so people with diabetes feel constant thirst and find normal the constant urge to urinate due to the vicious circle.

Weight loss and constant wins

Although it has been said (and it is true) that obesity increases the risk of developing Type II diabetes, weight loss and constant hunger should also be cause for concern. This is due to the fact that by not obtaining the energy due to the glucose, we organize the fat and muscle squeeze and when not having a proper diet, you can get more appetite than normal.

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extreme fatigue

If you feel extreme tiredness, it could be a symptom of diabetes. When glucose does not reach enough amounts to produce energy, the body feels tired and exhausted.

Numbness of hands and feet

Elevated glucose for a long time generates nerve damage (which drives electrical impulses) which causes numbness and tingling, if you feel this symptom you should check your glucose already.

blurred vision

The vision can be severely affected if blood glucose levels remain high for a long time and cause diabetic neuropathy, which is irreversible.

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