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An inexpensive shoe shop to deceive influencers with false local luxury


There are few who are willing to pay more for the idea that something is exclusive, scanty and, therefore, a luxury. In fact, this is what took advantage of the American store Payless.

In fact, creating a website and an Instagram account got enough and left the shoe company to hook up a group of social network influencers, who decided to attend the inauguration of an existing new store. Even more, at least one came to pay up to $ 640 dollars (About $ 430 thousand Chilean pesos) for slippers that are actually very economical.

In CNN they report that everything was part of a viral campaign that led to the creation of a false new luxury store called "Palessi", which was located in a shopping center in the city of Los Angeles . For the great opening, 80 influencers were invited, the shelves with cheap Payless shoes were filled, the prices were increased under the excitement and the rest was history in two days of false inauguration .

Among the comments of the influencers, he was able to capture stories about the "sophisticated" shoes he was presenting in the store and it was even cited that they would pay up to $ 500 dollars for shoes that does not actually exceed $ 19.99 in cost (about $ 13,500 pesos).

In total, the store managed to sell $ 3 thousand dollars during the two days, but all the money was returned to the influencers. Even in Payless they let the influential entourage stay with their shoes and paid them a small sum for having attended. And, obviously, back the company won a commercial to demonstrate that their affordable shoes are also in fashion.

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