Monday , October 18 2021

ANFP wants to restructure young football: Héctor Robles would not be the only one unlinked soccer


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After the removal of the Chilean selection sub-20 of the South American who is debating in our house, there was one who was fired from his position: the technician Héctor Roobles.

However, the situation would not stay here, since the new administration of the ANFP would be prepared A revolution in young football.

"We will do major surgeryAnd that's why we have to start from scratch, with new people in all the youth football fields, "they say from the ANFP, according to Mercury's slogan.

In this context, they explain that several charges will be evaluated. This is the case of Luis AhumadaNo technical team of youth teams, who have an indefinite contract and their continuity is under evaluation.

Similar situation is the one that lives Cristián Leiva and Hernán Caputto, Technicians of the sub15 and sub-17 respectively. In the meantime, competing manager, league manager, public affairs manager and the communications manager were unrelated to the ANFP on Thursday.

"At the time we will report adequately (the decisions). I have nothing to add about what you have indicated," said the president of the ANFP, Sebastián Moreno, according to the national newspaper.

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