Tuesday , October 19 2021

Apple introduces an economic award in its recent photography competition after receiving criticism


The Apple advertising campaign with user photos is one of the most iconic of the company.
Photo: Burak K (Pexels)

Being a multimillionaire company, it is difficult to create that Apple would launch a contest with prizes with a value of zero dollars. However, the technology company did just this this week when it announced a photography contest called the "Shot on iPhone Challenge", in which it would select the 10 best photos taken with an iPhone to use in advertising materials.

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The prize, according to Apple, would be the promotion of the work of the winners, the work would use for one year on the Apple website, posters, stores or social networks. As you can imagine, the fact that the photographers would not receive compensation for their work was not well received by the artistic community, which proceeded to criticize Apple.

A few days later, however, Apple updated the website announcing the competition. The new page included a paragraph that said that the winners would receive compensation for their work in the form of license rights.

"Apple firmly believes that artists should be compensated for their work," said Apple in the new paragraph on the web. "Photographers who take the 10 winning photos will receive what corresponds to them by licensing the use of their photos in posters and other Apple media."

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The "Shot on iPhone" advertising campaign has been one of the most iconic of the company since its premiere in 2015 with the iPhone 6. That same year, it won several awards at the Cannes creative festival , one of the most prestigious recognitions in the world, for the campaign.

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