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Argentine boxer who dreamed of being world champion died of overdose at age 23 sports


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A terrible news endorses boxing in Argentina. During the dawn of this Sunday the death of the national champion in the category of 69kg was known Jasmine March, One of the promises of the transai boxing.

Cordova died at the age of 23 years. Her mother found her at home with weak vital signs. I was having convulsions.

She was quickly urgently transferred to the Pasteur Regional Hospital, where she suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest. Doctors failed to resuscitate her.

The provincial and national amateur champion had made this season their international premiere at the World Championship in India. In addition, he studied to become a professor of physical education at the Instituto Santísima Trinidad.

According to Clarín, the girl battled for years with her addiction to drugs. In fact, I was receiving therapeutic help.

In Vila Maria, your home, everyone knows that His death was due to an overdose.

"Yazmin received her after her relief order and made an extraordinary change, started boxing, giving classes and studying. We were happy with what I was living in. But there are people who seem to be cured and they are never in a definitive way, "explained Dr. Julio Tabárez, the head of the workshop attended by Yazmin.

"Before each relapse we had to start again. We know it's like this. This is not cured with an antibiotic as if it were a pneumonia," he closed.

The prosecutor Juliana Companys declared the cause of the boxer like "death of dubious etiology." In addition, he ordered the autopsy of the body of March.

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