Wednesday , October 5 2022

Asia and Europe handbags are lowered after publication of the trade balance in China


The bad trade figures of the Asian giant led to places in Asia and Europe falling strong.

The market sentiment is once again hit by the implications of the commercial war that China and the United States hold. And the main stock market plots in the world are falling short of concern after the Asian giant has posted a weak balance of trade.

The data showed the largest drop in exports in two years and a drop in imports, which raised anxieties about the effects of the commercial war on the second economy in the world.

This causes a decrease in appetite by risk that is leaving its mark on the share price.

In Asia, the securities that are traded in Hong Kong, grouped in Hang Seng, marked a 1.38% drop, while CSI 300 shares in mainland China fell 0.87%. Japan was closed today for the celebration of Adult Day.

In Europe, Pan-European benchmark EuroStoxx lost 0.92% of its value, while German DAX fell 0.71%. In London, FTSE 100 lowers 1.09% of its value and the Paris CAC accompanies a 0.87% drop.

China's trade figures that turn on anxieties boosted the so-called "fear index" of Wall Street. The VIX indicator, which measures the turbulence on Wall Street through the futures quote, rises 10.61%, breaking with a four-day bearish strike.

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