Friday , May 20 2022

Astronae for the first time on the Milky Way take a system of triple stars


EFE / Berlin

A team of astronomers from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) discovered for the first time in our galaxy a massive system of triple stars, considered potential sources of future long range gamma ray bursts.

"This is the first system of this kind discovered in our galaxy," said astrologer Joseh Callingham of the Netherlands Institute of Radio Astronomy, using the ESO statement.

"We did not expect to find this system in our neighborhood," he added.

The system has the appearance of a snake that revolves around the star system and astronomers, in addition to the denomination of the 2KSMM J160050.7-514245 catalog, baptized the system as Apep, compared to the Egyptian deity which was a snake that claimed chaos.

In Egyptian mythology, God Ra, the sun, fought Apepa every night. Ra's worship helped his victory and the return of the sun every morning.

The Apep system – which contains the nest of massive stars surrounded by "vhirlpool" dust – is caught by the VISIR instrument installed in the ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT), located in Chile.

Gamma rays of explosion are among the strongest explosions in the universe, they last between several thousand seconds and several hours and can play as much energy as the sun during their lifetime

The supernova or fast-rotating stars of the Volf-Raiet are believed to cause long-lasting gamma ray explosions for more than two seconds.

At the end of their lives, some of the larger mass stars become the Volf-Raiet stars.

"This phase is a short duration, and Volf-Raiets survives in that country for only a few hundred thousand years (blinking in the eye in cosmology)," says ESO statement.

Then, the ESO continues: "They throw huge amounts of material in the form of strong wind winds, throwing matter out to millions of miles an hour."

Apep Appa winds at a speed of 12 million kilometers per hour.

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