Tuesday , March 2 2021

At least two homes affected by forest fire on the verge of Birth and Santa Juana | National

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The forest fire called “Membrilla” remains active, consuming 300 hectares of vegetation – to be confirmed – in the communes of Naissance and Santa Juana.

Product of the accident, there are at least two homes affected.

Until the place they have come to support units of Firemen of Conception, Hualpén, Talcahuano, San Pedro of La Paz, Colonel and Burbot, indeed due to the danger by the imminent propagation of the flames towards populated sectors.

According to Radio Bío Bío, the fire started in Membrillar and advanced to Palihue, ie began in Birth and advanced to Santa Juana. Reason for which the Red Alert decreed in the first mentioned commune was extended, in the second.

The fire in due course culminates it was 1.5 kilometers long. A photograph taken by a team of Radio Bío Bío on the site shows the consequences that caused the fire in a house.

Maurici Gándara | RBB

Due to the fire, the neighbors were left without water and without light. For its part, in dialogue with the Radio, The Mayor of Santa Joana, Angel Castro Medina, Has regretted the emergency and demanded that the installation of a permanent command post of Conaf in the commune is necessary.

“We have been asking for a permanent Conaf brigade for a long time. We offered him all the facilities,” the local authority remarked.

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