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Estefania Ibaez / EL VIGA
[email protected] | Ensenada, B. C.

The season of El Cascanueces began and Ensenada was one of the cities of Mexico included in the tour of the Russian state ballet Voronezh.

Director Aleksandar Litiagin, a ballet with 35 dancers on stage, is presenting on Monday 19th with 2 appearances at the City Theater, at 18:00 and 20:30.

Alekander Litiagin before being a prestigious director, he was soloist and first dancer of classical and modern ballet roles.

He has been leading Russian state ballet Voronezh since 2014 and has developed tours with Russian classic productions by various countries in Europe: Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Slovakia and Austria.

Asia was also represented, Japan, Malta, Cyprus, India, some locations, while visiting Africa in Tunisia, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia, in America, Mexico and the United States.

Prestigious ballet
Russian State Ballet Voronezh (1961) belongs to Pear Theater and Baller Voronezh, one of the most famous and oldest in Russia.

The ballet repertoire includes works by Labud's Lake, Sleepy Beauty, Cinderella, Orasac, Giselle, Don Quixote, Le Silphide, Gavalli Halt, Stone Flower, 1001 Nights, Carmen Suite, Cipollino, Romeo and Juliet, Ladi Ioung and Hooligan, Macbeth, Angels of Death , Jonathan and Avos, to name a few.

Tickets can be purchased at the cinema theater, next to the digital website and Viajes Kinessia 152-18-52.

Monday 19
6:00 and 8:30 pm
The city theater

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