Sunday , May 22 2022

Beto Cuevas and his unhappy encounter with Luis Miguel: He looked from head to foot and did not catch me | Society


They all know it Luis Miguel has his own genius, with whom he has acted in several controversies, especially because he is a bit "unpleasant".

Who personally lived this behavior of the "Sun of Mexico" was a national singer Beto Cuevas, which is in Do not blame the night, TVN, discovered that he had an unpleasant encounter with the singer.

According to vocalist La Lei, the situation This happened in 1995 cWhen he recorded the album Invisible in Los Angeles. "He was there, in the studio, he had a calculator at the studio door," he said.

Until then everything was fine. However, the Interviewer did not expect what would be: "I'm super educated and I always say goodbye. Then I arrived and looked, but passed. Do not wave "hello, how is it", give me a samozic. I said "hello" my head. And I remember that Luismy At that time he looked at me from head to toe, looked at my shoes and did not catch me"said Kathi Salosni.

"I found this semi-aggressive. I said in my head what do you think … Do you think that Luis Miguel? Perhaps I have prejudiced, I do not judge him as a person, "Cuevas concluded.

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