Sunday , April 11 2021

Bike Santiago launches a renewed bicycle system and offers new facilities for its users

Every day more people prefer to exercise in the open air and maintain a healthy life. This phenomenon is due to a greater awareness of the health and the environment. Another factor is that there are more entertaining options to have this lifestyle, such as the "bike" lease system. This Monday, Bike Santiago, pioneer in this type of services, presented a new bicycle fleet. Among its innovations, they present a new technology that helps to improve their performance and maintenance.

In an activity carried out at the Plaza de Armas de Santiago, which was attended by mayors of the 14 communes in which it operates, the inauguration of the total renewal of Bike Santiago to the inauguration of 80 new stations in Santiago Center, Providencia and in the sector of the Bicentennial Park, in Vitacura. With an investment of $ 12 million, in total there will be 350 stations and 3,500 bicycles that will be added as a new transportation alternative, helping to decongest the streets of the capital.

"We bring Chile the best in terms of shared bicycles, so that users have a positive experience with the public transport system, and thus we contribute to increase the user experience and confidence with Bike Santiago", said Tomàs Martins, CEO of Tembici.

With regard to the trust in the product, we must remember that the company suffered, previously, harsh criticism on the part of its users due to its problems with the collection system and the quality of the service. On the other hand, the debts that had the signature seemed to presage the end of Bike Santiago. However, last July, Tembici, a leading Brazilian company in urban mobility services in Latin America, bought 100% of the firm that had previously run the bicycle leasing system.

A connected transport system

Bikesantiago inauguration agency A

"IIt's tremendous help, both for the resident and for the visitor of the commune. We are proud to participate in this initiative, as we are taking to the neighborhoods where our neighbors live. We support sustainable transport, which is available to users of all ages, being also friendly to the environment, "said the mayor of Santiago, Felipe Alessandri.

Another that was in agreement with the arrival of more stations, was the mayor of Independence, Gonzalo Durán, "this means that more neighbors will be able to access this friendly transport system, which joins the arrival of the metro and our Ciclovías Plan, improving the quality of life of the people and making Independence a commonplace today more integrated and integrated into sustainable mobility. "

In addition, lnew bikes and stations have PBSC Urban Solutions technology, present in other countries like Canada, the United States, Spain, France, England and Brazil. These are designed to achieve better standards of reliability, Quality, comfort and durability that minimizes maintenance needs.

To make use of this new system, all people, including active users of the system, will have to sign up again through the official website, Or in the new App Itape Bike available on App Store and Google Play. This updated app performs the registry in less than half the time of the previous system, it is more intuitive and informative for users, and it will be necessary to use this new stage of Bike Santiago.

At the time of enrollment, current users will receive a code that will serve to validate the time they had acquired before the change of technology.

Lease plans

The daily pass will cost 2,990; the monthly, 6,300; the semester, 30,990 and the annual, 59,900. The free time will be 30 minutes, with the exception of the annual plan that is one hour away. Finally, the additional charges per minute of delay will be of 17 pesos and for those with annual, of 10 pesos.

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