Sunday , April 11 2021

Bishop Duran acknowledges that he receives $ 30 million monthly in terms of tithing – National

Bishop Duran acknowledges that he receives $ 30 million monthly as a tithing

The evangelical leader declared as a defendant before the Public Prosecutor's Office after being accused of active rent, after discovering a $ 1,152 million equity fund. Tvn


the bishop Eduardo Durán, Maximum authority of the Evangelical Cathedral, Recognized to receive $ 30 million monthly for donations or tithes, Money that is occupied for personal purposes.

According to La Tercera, the evangelical leader declared as imputed on January 23 after being charged with active laundering as a result of the investigation carried out by the Public Ministry that mentions him as the owner of a heritage of which Tax appraisal amounts to $ 1,152 million.

The media indicated that Donoso stated that, before being a pastor, "he only had two buildings: one a Carob tree and another one at Central Station. And after taking the place of pastor, he assured, he bought several more: a series of temples that, he said, has been transferred to the church, and other particular buildings. "

Respecting the millions by concept of the tithes, it was asserted that "They are at their free disposal", Being able to spend them in what it deems convenient.

On this he has indicated that he distributes between shepherds and relatives, staying close to $ 13 million for personal use.


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