Thursday , October 6 2022

BlockSite for Chrome, a great extension that moves away from procrastination as much as you want


The procrastination is a great enemy of concentration and productivity. Social networks and virtually any website, as long as it is minimally of our interest, can become temptations of enormous size that almost as if by magic they isolate us from our duty.

If you recognize these people who, suddenly, are surprised to have lost a lot of time on websites and applications that should not be seeing so much, BlockSite is an extension that you need to have in Google Chrome. You will have time to thank-this advice.

Avoiding distractions and temptations

BlockSite is basically a blocker of web pages. A utility that allows us to block all those sites that we consider may distract us or even hurt us in some way. If we try to enter them, as we can see in the main image, it will remind us of a kind of memes that for some reason we decided to include & # 39; ls in the block list.

However, BlockSite does not just stay here. In addition to including a list of blocked websites that works all the time or during a schedule we will have the opportunity to define, It includes powerful work mode which besides one can be very useful.

Genbeta Software Downloads Web Applications and Mobile Development Google Chrome 2019 01 18 18 03 18 The way BlockSite works activates from the extension icon in its corresponding menu.

Using the well-known Pomodoro method, we can define specific places for the way that work They will be blocked during the 25 minutes that we have to be working at full capacity. When this time happens, we will have 5 minutes of rest in which to be able, now, to distract ". After the truce, let's get back. An ideal feature to let procrastinate.

BlockSite also allows you to block adult content websites, Synchronize applications and blocked web pages between devices, the possibility of redirecting to a specific website when accessing a blocked site, an option to unblock a website through passwords and a way of preventing uninstallation by third parties, as it is capable of " send an email if someone tries to uninstall the extension.

too Allows blocking search queries in engines such as Google or Bing, depending on the specific words we use. However, we must be careful with this option. "You do not have to choose to block carefully so that blocking with keywords will only stop sites and pages that do not interest you," warns BlockSite officials.

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