Wednesday , October 27 2021

Budget 2022: Piñera advances national chain to expose key project for next Government | Economy


the president Sebastián Piñera will present this Thursday night on national channel on Budget Bill 2022.

While this was contemplated for next week, it was advanced because the head of state has an agenda with activities abroad. Then he will have to turn forty.

Regarding this project there are questions, considering the economic scenario through which the country and the high public spending generated by the pandemic. Besides, it will be the budget with which the next president of Chile will work.

On September 14, the Ministry of Finance and the Directorate of Budgets (Dipres) reported in a statement the results of the Committees of Experts on Trend GDP and the Reference Price of Copper, in the framework for the drafting of the 2022 budget bill.

From the estimates, it was obtained that the Estimated GDP growth rate Trend for 2022 stood at 2.6%.

Meanwhile, the Copper Reference Price for estimating the Cyclically-Adjusted Public Sector Balance for 2022 was set at US $ 331 ¢ / lb (2022 currency).

In this same context, parliamentarians agreed earlier this month to the need to reduce public spending by 2022, But warned that the magnitude of this cut will be a complex debate.

Despite the narrow fiscal landscape, lawmakers noted that it is necessary keep resources in reserve in the face of the uncertainty of the health crisis.

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