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Cadem Survey: First year of the Government of Sebastián Piñera is qualified with a 4.3 – politics


© Agency One Cadem Survey: First year of the Government of Sebastián Piñera is qualified with a 4.3

He also pointed out that the president closes 2018 with a 40% approval vote and 46% disapproval. Tvn


the survey Public Square Cadem launched a 46% disapproval by Sebastián Piñera i a 4.3 as a middle note for the first year of the government, In the last measurement of this year 2018.

The study of the enchanting company added the question about the note and an assessment of the approval and disapproval that the Executive Committee collected during the last 10 months was also made. The note that was given to the Government contrasts with the 6.0 that Piñera himself put himself in an interview with Capital Magazine.

Catur's Public Affairs and Quantitative Studies Manager, Roberto Izikson, pointed out to La Tercera that the evaluation obtained by Piñera responded to a "frustration of expectations" that the government woke up in Its first semester and that at the end of the year could not meet.

"Piñera had a good start, with a very high approval, which reached up to 60%, perhaps had the best start of a government since the 90's, but as long as time passed these expectations are They began to thwart, with special emphasis on economic and order issues, "Izikson said.

In the last measurement of 2018 711 people were surveyed, Piñera reached a 46% disapproval of his management, while he raised two points in the approval, reaching 40%.

In addition, the measurement delivered balance sheets throughout the year. From March to July, the government had approval numbers that exceeded 50%, this changed from August, where it was lowered to percentages of around 40% and even 39% at December.

Piñera closes the year with an annual average of 50% of approval and 34% of disapproval.

"With the Catrillanca case the expectations ended up leaving behind this great start of government and this fence with approval levels very similar to those that closed the first year of the second government of President Bachelet," adds Izikson.

Before the question: "Do you think that President Piñera fulfills what he promises?", 55% responded that not and 35% did.

"The promise of better times" is something that, during the second half, was frustrated and now the government is correctly correcting the use of verbal time of the promise, but it is clear that the government will not be able to account for it in a year. When they say that it is now in Chile, it is renewing the expectations because in the year three or four , the Chileans evaluate if the best times arrived, "Izikson concluded.


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