Tuesday , October 19 2021

Camila Recabarren recognized being pansexual | society


Camila Recabarren, Ex-Miss Chile in 2012, confessed in an interview with the # 39; Sarah magazine, To be "Pansexual, as Miley Cyrus said. "

Although this definition is not in the Dictionary of the Spanish Language (SAR), the model explained that the term "it's about loving everyone and falling in love with people, regardless of their sex", So that "that's what I'm getting," he explained.

In turn, after this statement, in conversation with the fourth, the influencer explained that his decision to explain his sexual orientation is because the subject must be normalized.

"I have my clear position and I do it because I want people to respect all sexual orientation. The idea is that in the future, if my daughter gets to feel attracted by an individual, independent of her sex, she can say it without fear and without feeling oppressed ", He declared.

With more than 1.5 million followers, Recabarren emphasized that he has only received support from his fans. "They know what I think, then, I have only received support from them, they always give me. In my Instagram I still have many women, and for that reason, I consider it necessary to install these issues and to speak with respect, because we have many children and we are responsible for educating ", It's over.

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