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Cas Catrillanca: Prosecutor's office discarded charges against carabiners



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From 09:00 a.m. this Friday, at Collipulli Guarantee Court, Formalized to 4 carabiners for the death of Camilo Catrillanca.

The arrest warrant was issued after that the prosecutor of the case, Christian WallsConfirm the reception of a ballistics expert conducted by personnel of the Investigations Police (PDI). In addition, he said that they already have "concrete results of the investigation".

The last one

18:11 | At 7 pm the magistrate Sanda Nahuelcura will make known the precautionary measures for the defendants.

6:00 p.m. | the president Sebastián Piñera He referred to the formalization hearing for the death of Camilo Catrillanca: "We support the Office of the Prosecutor's Office. We believe that Carrabiners plays a fundamental role in citizen security, and I appreciate it and I am grateful. But with the same force we say we condemn and will not tolerate any action outside the law", He said.

17:51 | "What can be seen from the air are shining and moving objects that seem to be vehicles, but people from this altitude, 700 meters, seem to give them little precision to those who are" 39; they point out ", Attorney Roberto Garrido has indicated the declaration of the pilots of the helicopter.

17:38 | Defender Alexander Scheneider emphasizes the possibility of a murderer on the death of Camilo Catrillanca: "It is possible that we arrived at an accident. I am not inventing myself, I only say the declarations of the civil servants", He assured

17:15 | "At least 45 minutes after Mr. Catrillanca agonized, they felt shots", Said Sebastián Saavedra, lawyer and representative of the minor who accompanied Camilo Catrillanca.

17:11 | "The homicide frustrated that no participation in the four imputed"The legal representative of the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH) has indicated. From the Defensoría de la Infancia, they also request the precautionary remedial measure for the defendants.

17:03 | "If I have a rifle m4 and the firing against a person, I can not know that I am not attacking his life"The persecutor assured.

5:00 PM | After an hour and a half, the audience resumes. The prosecutor takes the floor Jorge Calderaza.

15:32 | The defender assures that there is the possibility that the two carabiners may have responded to an attack, as the pilot of the helicopter that participated in the operation said: "We asked for lower precautionary measures regarding both. In this case, it could be a house arrest at night", Explained.

15:16 | "It is impossible for my representatives to have committed an obstruction to justice being imputed "The defender said.

15:01 | "The driver of the cell phone in which the defendants went, said he was shocked at him and heard how the projectiles impacted the car's body"Assevera the defense lawyer.

14:57 | "The Office of the Public Prosecutor has not presented a ballistic report nor of trajectory of nor coincidence"The defending advocate said. On the confrontation version, he reiterated that the four uniformed were attacked." We are going to establish that they were attacked and ambushed. "

14:44 | Alexander Schneider, defender of the ex-uniformed, Assures that they did not cover the death of Camilo Catrillanca.

14:35 | "The direction of the projectile is from the back to the front, digestively from the bottom up. It's a direct impact," asserts Saavedra.

14:34 | Saavedra lawyer: Mr. (Carlos) Alarcón, in his latest statement, points out that at the moment of firing he sees the driver's face from the tractor and says he saw a mustache.

14:32 | Lawyer of the teenage family that accompanies Catrillanca, Sebastià Saavedra, Reminded the dead of Alex Lemún, Jaime Mendoza Collío and Matías Catrileo.

14:09 | Nelson Miranda, lawyer of the Catrillanca family, Explains that the minor witness "was the only one who said the truth".

14:06 | Lawyer for the Defense of Children, Juan Pavez Farias, points out that the freedom of the defendants is a danger to the safety of the minor who accompanied Camilo Catrillanca.

13:42 | the lawyer of the Institute of Human Rights, Gloria Painemilla, Appeals the preventive prison of the defendants and points to the security of the investigation.

13:38 | Lawyer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: It is unacceptable that carabiners "hide evidence, omit circumstances and do it in climbing. "

13:33 | It restarts the knowledge of formalization of the four ex-uniformed.

13:04 | Judge determines a retreat of 15 minutes per shouts in the interior of the room.

13:03 | Interrupt hearing of formalization by weeping of one of the people that was like public in the interior of the room.

13:01 | "Here is a shot that practically destroyed the head of the young man", Points out the representative lawyer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Also, he discards a previous confrontation version.

00:57 | Attorney Luis Hermosilla, Representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, requests the preventive prison for the four former officials of Carrabiners.

00:55 | Prosecutor Garrido points out that The defendants are a danger to the security of society. "They have shown that their freedom is a danger to the security of the investigation."

00:49 | "It is clear that there were lies here (from the ex-uniformed ones) since the beginning of the investigation", Predicts the prosecutor Calderara.

00:40 | Fiscal reads the claim of Avila, who explained that at the time of the procedure he did not have the memory card in his GoPro camera, Which destroyed and later threw it into the bathroom.

00:34 | Calderara reads the statements of the detainees, who said they did not carry cameras at the time of the procedure.

00:31 | he prosecutor Jorge Calderara He explains that Carrabiners' statement points out that Catrillanca and his companion would have crossed the line of fire. "What this police party affirmed is not true".

00:22 | he prosecutor Roberto Garrido explains that attacks against officials begin an hour after the death of Catrillanca, when they protected the site of the event.

00:15 | The prosecutor's office states that "there is no report on having received attacks with firearms. There is no reason to justify the use of firearms."

00:11 | The prosecutor Roberto Garrido shows video captured by officials who arrived behind the ex-uniformed defendants. The capture of the video is seen by Raúl Ávila, who wears the GoPro camera in his helmet.
Check the video HERE.

00:06 | The lawyer complainant reiterates that "the victim received a direct impact on his boss"And there was more than one shot.

00:01 | One of the tests is shown, the type of bullet that killed Camilo Catrillanca. "The shot received by Mr. Camilo Catrillanca is a direct impact," says the lawyer complainant.

11:59 | The family of Camilo Catrillanca decides not to leave the audience room after the warning of sensitive images made by the Public Ministry and the judge of the case.

11:56 | Public Ministry requests the preventive prison for the four accused in the case. In addition, they will exhibit photos and videos of the area where the commoner's death occurred. Families are notified that these are sensitive records.

11:54 | walls accuses the accused Raúl Ávila of causing "serious damage to the public cause" by concealing and subsequently destroying the memory card of your GoPro camera.

11:50 | the The existence of the traits that the imputed ones said to receive "they turned out to be false statements", Indicates the fiscal Walls.

11:48 | The prosecutor confirms that The feature that killed Catrillanca was percutido by Carlos Alarcón Molina.

11:47 | Fiscal Parets: Ávila Morales and Alarcón Molina, "without there was any circumstance and action that would justify it "they used their weapons to shoot on several occasions in the direction of the tractor in which Camilo Catrillanca was mobilized.

11:46 | he fiscal Cristián Parets He points out that the officials participated in an operation after denouncing the theft of three vehicles. "In addition to the service armament, there was a GoPro camera installed in the helmet of Raúl Ávila Morales."

11:43 | Judge confirms that the arrest of the four other uniformed times was legal and continues with the formalization.

11:30 | The relatives of Camilo Catrillanca are in the interior of the hall of formalization hearing.

11:18 | Defender advocate requests that the detention be declared illegal of the four former officials of Carrabiners.

11:16 | The formalization hearing of the four former carabiners arrested for the death of the # 39; Camilo Catrillanca.

10:17 | family of Camilo Cartrillanca and members of the community expect to enter into the formalization of the four detainees for the death of the commoner.

09:50 | Decline of 1 hour and 15 minutes is decreed.

09:46 | Judge explains that former executives were charged with the following offenses:

  • Patricio Sepúlveda Muñoz: Obstruction to justice
  • Carlos Alarcón Molina: Homicide and obstruction to justice
  • Braulio Valenzuela Aránguiz: Obstruction to justice
  • Raúl Ávila Morales: Homicide, obstruction to justice and destruction of evidence

09:38 | Father Camilo Catrillanca said "they are worried about this police guard. We are harassed in the region, we do not want to be in this situation."

What we know

The Mapuche community died on November 14 after receiving a bullet impact on the head after carabiners started an operation after receiving one anonymous report on a vehicle theft to Temucuicui.

In a first version, the uniformed ones assured that they did not have audio-visual registries of what happened because they did not have time to install the cameras GoPro. However, later it became known one of them destroyed the memory card because, supposedly, it contained compromising images with your partner.

Minister Chadwick detailed that the uniforms will be formalized by homicide, frustrated murder, destruction of evidence and obstruction to justice.

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