Thursday , February 25 2021

Cecilia Pérez repudiated Heraldo Muñoz for unpleasant cartoon

The Secretary General of the Government, Cecilia Pérez, repudiate former Chancellor Heraldo Muñoz to share an unpleasant cartoon about her

The image, the work of the caricaturist GovarIt was published by the PPD helmsman on his Twitter account on the weekend, and the physical features of the spokesman's face are exaggerated and accompanied by a phrase alluding to the # 39; Former Mandate Michelle Bachelet.

Pérez fought the drawing and criticized Muñoz, comparing it "There are democratic leadership that we prefer the dialogueThat we prefer the debate of ideas, frankly, facing the country, and others, probably by electoral ambitions, who renounce the dialogue and prefer caricatures".

"This is not the way President Sebastián Piñera calls us, we do not like caricatures, bad cartoons, mockery, I do not like it when you seek to denigrate anyone, And therefore the call to respect each other, "he said.

The work was also rejected by the Minister of Women, Isabel Pla, Who responded to the other time the chancellor that "ideas are confronted with ideas, not cartoons that degrade the debate."

Critics also joined the UDI helmsman, Jacqueline van Rysselberghe and senator RN Manuel José Ossandón:

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