Thursday , October 6 2022

Child with terminal cancer dies after waiting to meet their sister


To find out about his newly born sister, a boy with terminal cancer clung to his life until he could have her in his arms.

The illusion to see and load the little one got Bailey Cooper For a few hours, he is resistant to his serious illness. His family spent a Christmas with very opposite feelings, since although they were happy for the encounter of both brothers, he died with only 9 years of age.


Before leaving, Bailey asked his parents not to cry for more than 20 minutes; They could not do it for longer because they had to take over their own brothersHe told them.

The little Cooper fought with illness for 15 months and he proposed to meet his sister. Rachel, her mother, entrusted Bailey to choose the name of the new baby: he put him Millie.

Bailey Cooper reached a tender photo with her sister. Her mother He admitted that they had lost their hopes that he would get to know her: "He was determined to meet Millie. He embraced her and did everything that a big brother would do, change her, bathe her and go. to sing ".

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