Friday , February 26 2021

Claudia Conserva and Chicken Valdivia decided to have a separate holiday

A different modality was the one they did Claudia Conserva i Juan Carlos Valdivia for these vacations.

It is that while she wanted to rest, he was looking forward to a long trip. For this reason, and as the driver explained to LUNThey decided to leave separately.

Conserva did it with his daughter of 15 years, MatildaThose who are enjoying all the benefits of Women's Island in Mexico. The "Chicken", on the other hand, started off with Renato (17) in Seoul, South Korea.

"With Chicken we have a taste that we share, but not all and it is important to respect this because there is no frustration in either side and neither of them has the desire to do something that, because of the fault of the other, could not do, "said the cheerleader.

In this regard, he said he is now looking to take advantage of his daughter. "What I wanted most was to immerse myself in the Matilda planet because very little time there is so much time to know more about what he is thinking, what he feels, what his concerns are. He encourages me a lot: have conversations quiet and exclusive for 2. Share our secrets of girls".

He also explained that in the last week of vacation, they will meet again in Jamaica. "Here it will be very nice because it will crown this anxiety to see the four. Comment on our adventures, anecdotes, photographs. I think it's super healthy what we did".

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