Thursday , March 4 2021

Claudia Conserva suffers an accident on her vacation with her daughter

He happened to be running with clogs.

Claudia Conserva is one of the entertainers of Chilean television that is on vacation, but things did not come up as he had pledges, as he suffered an accident.

Through its social networks, the "Milf" driver explained that she is resting due to a sharp fall, so she will have to use a sling.

"I'm no longer in the age of running with clogs. I fell, I took the fight (forgive the scribble, but deserve it). Linear fracture in the left shoulder, and several scrapes. Yesterday in the donor hospital afternoon juice, x-rays and the whole challah. Restrict the left arm for a week and after a little while moving. Slender for a month, I will have to suffocate the hahahaha penises, "he said.

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