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Colo Colo receives O & # 39; Higgins with the need to return to the triumph and continue to fight in the first places | Give Albo


Colo Colo will face O & # 39; Higgins at 3:30 p.m. at the Monumental StadiumFor the eighth date of the National Championship and the need to return to the win.

The team that drives Mario Sales has fallen to Coquimbo and leaves a bad image, so that victory is an obligation to continue hunting the Spanish Union leader.

For this match, he will return the line of four defenders and is expected to be owned by Jorge Valdivia alongside Esteban Paredes.

Meanwhile, O & # 39; Higgins comes in a three-game run without knowing the victory and with the possibility to overcome the goals in the table, as they are two points.

Those led by Marco Antonio Figueroa need to return to the triumphs and good football, so that they also face this party with pressure.

The probable formation of Colo Colo will be with Brayan Cortés; Felipe Campos, Matías Zaldivia, Julio Barroso, Cristian Gutiérrez; Gabriel Suazo, Esteban Pavez, Jorge Valdivia; Gabriel Costa, Pablo Mouche and Esteban Parets.

While the Capo de Provincia would form with Miguel Pinto; Paulo Magalhaes, Albert Acevedo, Juan Fuentes, Roberto Cereceda; Tomàs Alarcón, Matías Sepulveda, Ramón Fernández; José Luis Muñoz, Maximiliano Sales and David Salazar.

The referee will be Bascuñán, and you can follow the details of this match in Dale Albo Radio and Som Chile Radio.

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