Friday , October 7 2022

Colo Colo suspended the process of tracking biometric followers


Colo Colo decided to suspend the process of biometric enrollment for his followers, as he tried to increase security in the Monumental Stadium and have a record of the fans that go to the Arica and Lautaro galleries.

The decision had generated controversy, since it generated discrimination and violated the rights of people in the matter of protection of personal data. For this reason, the suspension of this process was celebrated by the Transparency Council, which had detailed the irregularities of this Black and White campaign.

"It is a lawsuit to demand measures such as the uptake of biometric data, which are personal data based on regulations and can only be done through a law", Explained Marcelo Drago, President of the Council for Transparency.

The head of Transparency added that "the doors of the Council are open for those entities that want to know in detail aspects of the protection of personal data in systems such as the biometric enrollment system that are being used in various areas of Everyday life and that violate people's rights without them knowing. "

He also emphasized the Need to work together to avoid possible discriminatory acts. This is because the measure implemented by Colo-Colo involved conditioning the sale of an entry or access to a sporting event on the uptake of biometric data in the case of followers who wanted to enter the galleries Arica and Lautaro of the Monumental Stadium, sectors whose entrance is the cheapest of the enclosure.

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