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Consignments slowed down in October, and imports accelerated the growth of capital goods


The type of procurement involving trucks and machines has increased by almost 40%. In total, 25% grew.

The $ 217 million deficit recorded a trade balance at the end of October, according to information released by the Central Bank yesterday.

This is the third negative balance added by the indicator, although this time it was in a slightly different scenario, and not necessarily completely negative.

Exactly, in contrast to the decrease recorded in August and September, exports rose 7.2% last month and reached $ 6,566 million.

But, as a colleague, imports accelerated the growth rate they played in the earlier periods.

While total hospitalization increased 25.2% to $ 6.783 million, those responding to assets and capital goods advanced 28.7% and 39.7%, to reach US $ 3.567 million and US $ 1.493 million, respectively.

In the second case, the increase is particularly welcome, since it is an area that is presumed to indicate the investment behavior.

Purchase of trucks and freight vehicles reached 248 million dollars, 34.3% more than a year ago; while in the same period of 2017, $ 135 million in mining and construction machines accounted for more than 200%.

Thus, the purchase of consumer goods increased 12.7% to US $ 2.128 million, highlighting jumps in mobile phones and televisions, among other things.

Copper suffers

Export growth was driven by the industrial sector, whose sales abroad increased by 27% to $ 2,774 million.

Relevant in this area was the pulse that was verified at salmon sales level, which amounted to $ 449 million, in contrast to $ 333 million.

In addition, according to the publishing institute, both cellulose and chemicals were isolated with thumbnails of similar sizes.

Agricultural deliveries in the global figure also played a favorable role, which reached $ 283 million last month – completely determined by fruits, an increase of 16.5%.

Concern was the export of copper, which added the third month of falls. This time it was 6.9% when it reached 3,155 million dollars.

This happened in a scenario where the price of copper on the international market was $ 2.75 per kilogram, 1.7 percent less than a year ago, according to official data.

So far this year, a 15% reduction has been accumulated.

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Lithium shipments are delivered … but they are nothing near the copper

With the explosion of electromobility in the world, lithium is modern and has made Chile an important player in this market given the reserves that exist in the north.
Analysts agree that global demand will accelerate in the coming years due to a strong increase in electric car en-route and higher battery consumption for mobile phones, in which lithium plays a major role.
A sample of this boom is that from January to October Chilean exports of the mentioned product rose by 30% to $ 805 million, according to the Central Bank data, which are SKM and Albemarle companies that explain the fact to that extent.
But everything must be taken with the appropriate weight. And while lithium steals its eyes, it has not come close to the king of copper, which only in October recorded sales abroad of $ 3.155 million.
In the accumulated year, metals reached shipments by $ 30.351 million, or the export of lithium equivalent to 2.6% of total copper. Will lithium reach an equal copper?

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