Thursday , March 4 2021

Court of Easter Island Guarantee reduced to ashes: murder triggered wave of violence in Polynesian Chile

In the early hours of Wednesday, he will be transferred to the continent, Juan Alberto Nahoe Herevi (51), who is investigated for the murder of Luis Alberto Araki Pao (34), which generated a violent demonstration on Judgment of Easter Island Guarantee, property that was reduced to ashes.

According to information provided by Carrabiners de Chile, "at 1:30 p.m. (insular), Carrabiners stopped Juan Alberto Nahoe Hereveri, 51, in the interior of his home located at the Pont S / N °, because moments before while he was in the company of Luis Alberto Araki Pao, 34. For reasons that were investigated, he attacked with a white weapon in repeated opportunities, injuries that caused death to him in the place of In response to instructions from the attorney, the defendant was handed over to personnel of the Investigations Police Homicide Brigade who should make it available to the Guarantee Court of Easter Island ".

However, at 16:30 a.m., the defendant Nahoe Herevi was transferred by police and investigations personnel to the insular court in order to be formalized.

As he was descended from the Gendarmerie cell phone, the accused was attacked by a forceful element on the face, being at this time assisted by Carrabineros personnel. Next, Gendarmería personnel from Chile and the judge of Easter Island asked for the help of the public force, entering Carrabiners to the offices of the court kept at the moment the defendant of the accused, but already the protesters They had caused damage to the place furniture.

In spite of the violence situation, and once the formality hearing has been completed, the authorities have issued the preventive prison, ordering the transfer of this to the city of Valparaíso. At 9:16 p.m., Carrabiners is aware that strangers launched an incendiary device, presumably the molotov bomb type, starting a stalemate, which obliges him to remove the accused from the site.

The settlers prevented the arrival of firemen at the site, leaving the building consumed by the flames, confirmed the body of security.

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