Friday , September 24 2021

Daniel Jadue’s warning to the Broad Front and Gabriel Boric

“We have a political alliance with the FA. But today this list is acting separately, and considers us few as partners,” criticized the former presidential candidate and mayor of Recoleta.

The former presidential candidate of the Communist Party, Daniel Jadue, Criticized his Broad Front allies after that they would not vote for the PC to occupy one of the vice-presidencies of the Constitutional Convention.

This adds to the complaint by the mayor of Recoleta (and the PO) of not supporting Valentina Miranda to preside over the commission of Popular PARTICIPATION and Territorial Equity.

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Jadue considers the Broad Front vote “unpresentable” in the Convention against Constituent Assembly PC

Through his program on Facebook “No makeup”, Jadue referred to these situations, warning that the Broad Front “does not consider them partners” and this “hinders what is to come.”

“We have a political alliance with the FA. But today that list is acting separately, i he considers us little as partners: Make decisions with other sectors without considering Chile Worthy, ”he noted.

In relation to the fact that the FA promoted a vice-presidential voting system that integrated Chile Anem and left it out on the computer, the former presidential candidate indicated that “the right today he has no strength to be directing anything, Because he got a very poor vote. And yet there are those who prefer to leave out the communists so that the right has representation”.

“That does not correspond to the way of acting of an alliance that is ready to govern (…) Every time the trusts in Aprovo Dignitat are violated it is difficult for us to get to port with a successful government“Jadue pointed out.

Finally, the mayor of Recoleta made one warning to the Broad Front and (without calling directly) to the candidacy of Gabriel Boric, Noting that if the FA favors other alliances over Chile Digne, the PC could feel “free to act.”

“We don’t disagree in talking to everyone, but when we go to the decision of what to privilege, our first area, with which we make decisions together, is the FA. Now if the FA favors another alliance and puts it first for decision making that its alliance, which is Chile Digne, we can come to feel free to actJadue warned.

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