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Dengue is taking epidemic proportions in Honduras


The deaths due to dengue increased to 54 years in Honduras and patients from the disease collapse public hospitals, the health authorities said on Wednesday. The Ministry of Health registers "54 dead in 23,304 cases, of which 16,509 are serious", The ministry's spokeswoman Jessenia Herculà said.

"Of the 32 public hospitals (located in Honduras), 26 are collapsed " For dengue patients, because others are psychiatric or specialties, he regretted. On July 2, the Honduran government declared a national alert for dengue, when it recorded 44 deaths in 15,406 cases.

"We can stop this epidemic only if we eliminate the nurseries of the shampoo," Health Minister Alba Consuelo Flores said earlier, urging the population not to self-medicate. He assured that the fumigation campaigns are "Eliminating the walkers that fly and spit on the population, but the key is to eliminate the nurseries that are in the homes" of the mosquito Aedes aegypti.

the president Juan Orlando Hernández announced Tuesday an increase in the actions of combat of the mosquito Aedes aegypti that produces the disease. "We are allocating resources to expand care rooms for (combat) dengue in different places," said the ruler.

According to official statistics, 2010 was the worst year with 83 deaths. But the authorities fear that this year the cases will increase in the coming months because the rainy season has hardly begun, when the proliferation of mosquitoes carrying the virus increases.

Three dead children in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, cases of dengue from January until June 22 add 3,433, compared to 1,558 registered in 2018, according to a bulletin of the Ministry of Public Health, which includes three dead children. Children under 15 represent 86% of those affected. The authorities still do not declare an epidemic, but they have asked the population to exacerbate measures against the mosquito that spread easily in water sources.

The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that dengue is "Few times mortal"But its complications can be fatal and there is no specific treatment. Wilson Roa, president of the Dominican Medical School, told AFP that there may be "Up to 27 dead". But the minister defends his action indicating that they have reinforced the preventive measures, with elimination of vectors and fumigation.

The climate – with an increase in rains this year and at the gates of the cyclone season – has been an important factor in the cyclical reappearance of dengue, said Climent Terrer infectologist. After a sustained decline for three years, this time "The outbreak has been very big and aggressive", Emphasizes the specialist. "The epidemic is beginning and we have to prepare for the worst," he warns.

The Honduran authorities have recommended to the population that, in case of symptoms such as high fever, headache, vomiting and skin rashes, go to the nearest health center, a recommendation that is extended to other areas with presence of the dengue

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